Jasper TX – This Quiet Season

Jasper TX

“This Quiet Season” is aptly titled for a release on Slaapwel Records (Sleep Well). Slaapwel is a small DIY label from Belgium that focuses on ‘music to fall asleep to’ and releases it in limited amounts (because the packages are handmade). 
While the releases on this label all have a recognizable package format, each release gets a handmade cover that perfectly fits the musical content.

Jasper TX (named after a city located in Texas) is also knows as Dag Rosenqvist from Sweden. Apart from earlier releases under this name,  he also released titles together with Rutger Zuyderveld (Machinefabriek) such as Vintermusik and Feberdröm.

This Quiet Season is about 40 minutes of beautiful quiet drone music (apart from the short piano track Moments, which is quite different from the other tracks).
One could easily drift off and fall asleep indeed, but again the music is too interesting to do that.
As with all good drones, an world of surprises opens up when you concentrate on listening to it.
But you don’t need to do that: you can also let yourself just drift away.

Take another look at the cover painting (click on the thumbnail above) by Astrid Yskout.
This is just how this music feels to me.

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