Entia Non – Sub Routine

Entia Non - sub Routine

I can’t remember how I found the Resting Bell netlabel website – must have been on someone else’s weblog. The website layout looked promising enough, so I downloaded some of the albums available.
Starting, of course, with the latest release: Entia Non’s Sub routine.
The quality of the music of this album is impressive. Created by Australian artist James McDougall, it bears many references yet still maintains a completely personal sound.
It’s Entia Non’s first release on Resting Bell, after releasing other titles on U-Cover and Test Tube.

Sub Routine is adventurous and haunting. It feels like you’re looking at a landscape where you can feel all kinds of strange creatures lurking below the visible surface.
There’s field recording sounds, deep drones, some sequencer patterns, and lots of clicking mechanics.

Once again, the internet proves a blessing for ambient-electronic music devotees.
Resting Bell boasts 23 releases within the last half year (starting august 2007) – what ‘brick and mortar’ label can keep up with that??
I have not tried all releases (yet), but there’s a wealth of other interesting music on this label. 23 to be precise. And they’re all free!
My advise: start with this Entia Non release and work backward to the very first: a release by ~~~ (‘triplesones’).

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