"Computer says No"


I recently upgraded my audio system with the NAD C272 power amplifier. I was not quite happy with the standard (stereo) sound performance of the Cambridge Audio 540R surround receiver. A good surround receiver, but a bit flat in the standard stereo performance (though lot of people think otherwise, that’s why I chose this particular one). Reverting to a stereo system was no option for me, because I really enjoy surround music when playing movies or electronic multi-channel music.
By adding the C272 for extra power, the performance in playing ‘normal’ 2-channel music (which I still play 90% of the time) strongly enhanced, so I get ‘the best of two worlds".

The NAD power amplifier is stored out of reach, and has a convenient "Sleep/Wake" feature that activates the amplifier when receiving signal and makes it go into sleep mode when there’s no signal for 5 minutes.

But there’s a downside.

When playing ambient drone music, the receiver obviously thinks there’s no audio input at all and consequently shuts off. Goes into sleep mode. (Unless I play it very loud, but of course that’s not what I want for most ambient drones… )

My family finally found proof in the ongoing discussion about my musical taste.
Their simple statement:
"The music you play is só boring, even the amp is going to sleep…"

Please help me find a good counter-statement!

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  1. Peter

    A stereo amplifier would be the best solution for stereo music, BUT surround possibilities were a definite must. There’s a lot of interesting multichannel (electonic) music, such as releases on Impreintes Digitales, or this one: http://www.vancooten.com/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=32
    (edit: link is no longer valid. If you’re looking for surround mixes try the Surround tab on top menu)

    Good thing I can turn off the auto-sleep mode; I’m quite happy now…

  2. I just got myself a Harman / Kardon amplifier that is as old as I am: born and bred in 1977. It creates a beautifull sound, no matter what kind of music I play on it, and the good thing is: It doesn’t think for itself. There is your solution 🙂

    As for the family arguement: I’ll rest my case….:-)))