Elegi – Sistereis



‘Sistereis’ is the opposite of a ship’s maiden voyage. It’s a ship’s doomed final voyage.

“All was as it had been upon my previous visit, save that the picture which I have described as having hung at the end of his bed had been cut out of it’s frame, as with a knife, and was gone. With this last link in a strange chain of evidence I close my diary of the voyage”

Not much is known of Tommy Jansen (Elegi), apart that he’s from Norway, and has a passion for wreck-diving.
He has been recording the deep sea environment during his diving trips. These recordings were used in the creation of Sistereis – which may give it it’s haunting quality.
The overall atmosphere of this album is that of sunken, wrecked ship.  You almost feel the presence of the tormented souls that went down with it.

This record is special because it’s not just a recording by  a musician envisioning an atmosphere. It’s created by someone that actually knows what it’s like down there. It’s not easy ambient, as you may guess, some people call it ‘acoustic doom’. It’s haunting.

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