Hilary Jeffery


Currently, I am preparing the Folio radiobroadcast for june, 26, which will feature some work played by Hilary Jeffery.
Jeffery is an English trombone player, currently living in Amsterdam. He plays quite a lot of different line-ups: with Jimi Tenor as well as with the Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble, to name just two.
His musical output is equally diverse, ranging from experimental improvisational jazz to quiet drones.
One of his influences is trombone player James Fulkerson (who surprisingly also lives in the Netherlands!), with whom he also studied.

In a lot of his work he uses his tromboscillator, a custom built set of analogue synthesizers, which he uses to interact with his live trombone playing. The warm breathy sound of the trombone layered on the analogue synth sounds are like “he breathes life into the machines” (his own words).

There will be quite a lot of his beautiful music in the radio show mix, so be sure to listen if you can. But there’s no need to wait, because on his website, Hilary has some incredibly beautiful pieces to download for free. (Just check the ‘Tromboscillator’ page and check the links at the bottom).
The audio link presented here is a direct link to the second piece, Belfast Tromboscillator 2, which is about 5 minutes long.
The first piece (Belfast Tromboscillator 1) lasts about 20 minutes (a 20Mb download), but is absolutely worth the effort . (As is the ‘Owl’ track, by the way).
So: Check out this guy’s music!

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