Piano Interrupted; Cassie/Kearley; Bill Seaman; Juxta Phona; Yamaoka

Unified Field Reconstructed

This “shortlist” is categorized under “Other Music” which means it’s only loosely related to what we call ‘ambient’.

Listen to reconstructions of Piano Interrupted‘s “Unified Fields”, your Inner Voicings with Dan Kearley and Daryn Cassie; intensely touching music from Bill Seaman; a playful Juxta Phona (which turns out to be Jason Corder) – to finally immerse yourself in the rhythmic patterns of Yamaoka … Read More

Biosphere & Deathprod – Stator


Seventeen years – and quite a lot of releases – after “Nordheim Transformed”, Geir Jenssen and Helge Sten return to the split-album formula to release “Stator“, built on the same principles: each delivering individual tracks (three by Biosphere, and four by Deathprod).

In the history of ambient electronic music both Biosphere and Deathprod have gained legendary status. “Stator” shows why.
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Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Music for Viola and Electronics


After they met when working together on Cloud Ensemble, Michel Banabila and Oene van Geel extended their collaboration which resulted in 2014’s “Music for Viola and Electronics”.

Both were so very enthusiastic about the new musical world that they had opened up, that they kept working on “Music for Viola and Electronics II”, which is released this month.

Judging by the (strikingly beautiful!) aerial landscape photography by Gerco de Ruijer on the cover, their collaboration will probably not end here: the crop of the (geometric) landscape on the Volume I cover photo is only partially harvested – by hand, line by line… a difficult, strenuous, but most rewarding work.
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Machinefabriek/Rutger Zuydervelt: 3+1


Judged by his output alone, Rutger “Machinefabriek” Zuydervelt must be the ‘hardest working man in electronic showbusiness’.

This is a pick from the latest batch… but chances are that by the time you finished reading this post and listening to the samples his website will already have announced some newer releases…

Next to the recent albums “The Measures Taken”, “Sneeuwstorm” and “Loos”, you’ll also find a beautiful video registration of the Halfslaap performance with the Fox String Quartet at the recent 24 Hour Drone Fest at the LeGuessWho Festival in Utrecht last year. … Read More

DreamScenes 2015-03

DreamScenes Logo

Featuring tracks from Boduf Songs, Jeff Bridges, The Notwist,  Jordan De La Sierra and Sinikka Langeland , the march selection is not only hovering on the borders of sleep, but also on the borders of ‘ambient’ music.

Additional atmospheres created by Lauki, Markus Mehr, Ann Deveria, John Kannenberg, Hessien, Jasmine Guffond, Alphaxone, K. Novotny and Field Rotation. … Read More

Sakamoto-Illuha-Deupree; Chihei Hatakeyama; Lauki; Sonmi451; Roach-Metcalf-Thomas


From ‘mist’ to ‘mystic’ – with a selection of a collaborative improvisation by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taylor Deupree and Illuha, new albums by Chihei Hatakeyama, Lauki and Sonmi45, and the ritualistic tribal ambient of Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas. … Read More

Frans Friederich – Ambient 1998 – 2013

Friederich Rechts

Frans Friederich is a dutch trumpet-player, musician, composer and music teacher living in Zierikzee, Holland.

Friederich’s Bandcamp page displays an extensive overview of his work, all compiled by their different styles and downloadable for free (!).
All these compilations present a large array of adventurous experiments, but there are two specific release that justify recommendation here on Ambientblog: “Ambient 2002 – 2013″ and “Ambient 2 – 1998 – 2013″ , respectively (- you probably guessed thát). … Read More

Jeff Bridges – Sleeping Tapes

Sleeping Tapes

Imagine Jeff Bridges – or The Dude, if you prefer – sitting right next to your bed, telling you stories like a granddad to his grandson would do … bedtime stories, memories he just seems to improvise on the spot, or even guided fantasies to help you doze off…
Would you be able to fall asleep?
Or would you fight off sleep to make sure you can listen to all he has to tell you?
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John Kannenberg – Cordolium

“Cordolium” – literally: ‘Heartfelt grief’: from cor (“heart”) + dolor (“pain, sorrow”) – is a (digital download only) album presenting seven “Laments for the heart in flux”.

The basic material comes from field-recordings from all over the world but they are edited and processed in such a way that the track become true compositions:
“Audio poems of love, loss, longing and heartache in all its forms”. … Read More

Jam Karet (Elastic Time) (Mix)

Jam Karet

“Jam Karet” is Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) meaning “Elastic Time” (or “Rubber Hours”).
To me, this concept also applies to mixes that include ambient and drone fragments… where the listener gets immersed in sound in such a way that all notion of time is lost; where music could last for minutes, or for hours.

(Created for – and also published on – Headphone Commute) … Read More

Stephan Mathieu – Nachtstücke


The ink of the cover of his previous release Sacred Grounds” had barely dried when Stephan Mathieu announced his new release called Nachtstücke“.
(metaphorically speaking of course: these are both download-only releases).

The first thing to notice is that the full release of these “Night Pieces” is 260 minutes in length – that’s about a half night’s sleep!
For most – if not all – listeners, four hours and twenty minutes of extended droning is simply too much for concentrated listening. So that obviously is not what this music is intended for. … Read More