Siren Song (Mix)

Die Lorelei (Artist unknown)

This mix is built around mysterious vocals. Vocals that may guide you, or lure you, into distances unknown.
Often, but not exclusively, female, and some of them not even human – like the beautiful flute-playing by Jean-Christophe Bonnafous, or the mysterious singing sound of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that was recently discovered during the Rosetta space missions.
With just a little fantasy you can imagine the Philae Space Lander being attracted by the comet’s song – ultimately leading it to an untimely death. … Read More

Stephan Mathieu – Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground
The music of “Sacred Ground” is created for a documentary film (by Tim Grünewald and Ludwig Schmidtpeter) about the Wounded Knee and Mount Rushmore memorial sites in South Dakota:
“Two memorials in the heart of America. Two hours’ drive but worlds apart. Mount Rushmore is an icon of the United States, attracting millions of visitors each year. The Wounded Knee Massacre Site receives just a handful of visitors each day.”

It is also inspired by (and dedicated to) Florian Fricke, who created soundtracks with Popol Vuh for many Werner Herzog movies. … Read More

Kenneth Kirschner: Imperfect Forms

Imperfect Forms
“With electronic music, it’s hard NOT to create huge amounts of sound… and to me it’s often about taking things away” – Kenneth Kirschner

An overview of an impressive multimedia project on the Tokafi website, showcasing the versatile music of Kenneth Kirschner, a 20-track, 4 hour remix album and much (much!) more.

Enough material to fill your coming Christmas holidays!! … Read More

Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Aerial

Right from the opening track it’s obvious that “Aerial” is something else, almost beyond comparision!
It took me some time to grow accustomed to this album. It requires some dedicated listening, on the right moment.
But ultimately, the raw beauty of the distictive textural palette grabbed me, and didn’t let go.
Only to leave me wondering why I had not heard of Anna Thorvaldsdottir before. … Read More

Bad Sector – Kosmodrom

Bad Sector’s “Kosmodrom” was originally released in 2005 but sold out within a few months. It is dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Russian pioneer of astronautic theory), and shows this dedication by including original Soviet sound devices (like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS), mixed with space mission dialogues and fragments from transmissions of the mysterious spy channel (‘numbers’) radio stations.

Dedicated to all Soviet/Russian cosmonauts – and also recommended to all wannabe astronauts that enjoy drifting away into outer space (while not leaving home)! … Read More

Various Artists – Touched Two

Touched Two
Charity compilations come in all forms & sizes, but “Touched Two” is one of truly megalomaniac proportions. I really don’t know where to begin here. This “review” is the very first I ever write without having listened to the album at least a few times. How can anyone éver review a 255 track compilation that presents over 22 hours of music? … Read More

John Luther Adams – Become Ocean

Become Ocean
“Become Ocean” was inspired by the oceans of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and the references to the endless oceanic movement are clear from the very beginning. Like there are different ways to look at the ocean’s movement, there are also are different ways to listen to this piece: you can just ‘follow the larger structure’, but you can also focus on the multitude of details underneath it..

“It may be the loveliest apocalypse in musical history” – Alex Ross, The New Yorker
… Read More

A Zoharum Quartet

Forrrest Drones

Zoharum is a Polish label founded in 2007, specialising in experimental music. Their catalogue, close to 100 releases, is often dedicated to the promotion of Polish artists, new as well as renowned, but they are also releasing works from other artists. New albums as well as re-releases: a wealth of a collection to explore if you’re into ambient, industrial, experimental, electroacoustic, IDM, or all other kinds of music adventurous and unpredictable. … Read More

Disproduction – Whorl: A LoopDiary Selection

Being a big fan of the Fripp & Eno loop-based recordings from the early seventies, Disproduction (David Hodnett) has managed to re-create a comparable atmosphere with his guitar improvisations, various effects and recurring delays. His experiments were created in the form of a musical diary (originally recorded between 2005 and 2009) which can be found on his four extensive “Loopdiary Archives” albums. A Respectful tribute that can easily claim its own place. … Read More