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OfftheSky * Tobias Hellkvist * Rasalasad


Offthesky‘s latest is album is an appropriate celebration of his 50th release
Tobias Hellkvist‘s short but striking Kaskelot EP is now re-released as a full album including additional make-over remixes
Thismorphia is a collection of ‘illbient wordcore’ collaborations of Rasalasad with artists like Jarboe, Merzbow, Von Magnet (amongst others) … [ Read More ]

Ferdinando Arnò (with Melanie De Biasio) * Delilah Gutman + Drawing Virtual Gardens * Otto Lindholm

Radura Detail

Ferdinando Arnò presents a fascinating soundtrack (featuring Melanie De Biasio) for the Radura installation in Milan, Drawing Virtual Gardens soundscapes are combined with with Delilah Gutman’s piano, and Otto Lindholm’s debut album presents subtle solo double bass soundscapes. … [ Read More ]

DreamScenes 2016-08

DreamScenes Logo

The August edition of DreamScenes feels like a full night’s sleep cycle compressed to one hour!

Featuring 36, Christopher Tignor, Ferdinando Arnò (with Melanie De Biasio), Ian William Craig, Eric Holm, Nils Quak, Brambles, Sylvain Chauveau, Kolhoosi 13, Antonymes, Daniel Lanois, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Strië and Jherek Bischoff … [ Read More ]

Ian William Craig * Serein (Various) * 130701 (Various)

Orbital Planes

Ian William Craig demonstrates that true beauty hides in distorted details on his ‘near-imperfect’ new album Centres – raising the bar of the aesthetic of the fundamentally distressed.

Label compilations (by Serein and 130701) with all new unreleased tracks of their major artists. … [ Read More ]

Jacob Kirkegaard; Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci; Andreas Usenbenz

Bells Breath

Celebrating World Listening Day 2016 with various environmental sound projects:
The sound (and vision) of the Singing Sands in Oman as recorded by Jacob Kirkegaard, public squares all around the world, enhanced by Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci, and extended drones created from the sound of the church bells from the Ulm Minster by Andreas Usenbenz … [ Read More ]