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DreamScenes – June 2018

DreamScenes CZ

Not home
So don’t try to call
Don’t come to see me
I’m not here

(Anne Garner – Not Home)



  • 00:00 DreamScenes – Intro (Susanna)
  • 00:45 Danny Mulhern – Perpetual Motion
    Safe House, 2018, 1631 Recordings
  • 02:52 Markus Guentner – Refraction (with Julia Kent)
    Empire, 2018, A Strangely Isolated Place
  • 11:10 J. Peter Schwalm – Singlis
    How We Fall, 2018, RareNoise
  • 15:53 Anne Garner – Not Home (Porya Hatami Remix)
    Not Home single, 2018, Slowcraft
  • 22:29 Sonologyst – NASA Classified Tapes
    Silencers – The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers, 2018, Cold Spring
  • 24:17 Ben Lukas Boysen – Pending
    1+1=x, 2018, Erased Tapes
  • 28:31 Hackedepicciotto – Emerald Cenote
    Joy, 2018, Potomak
  • 33:36 Ben McElroy – Ink Drunk
    The Word Cricket Made Her Happy, 2018, Eilean Records
  • 36:02 Emerge – Substance
    Re:Flections Sound Art Festival 20 07 18, 2018, Attenuation Circuit
  • 39:54 Robert Honstein – Economy Of Means – Chorale
    An Economy Of Means, 2018, New Focus Recordings
  • 44:59 Andrew Sherwell – A Mesultane’s Flight
    Orthodox Tales, 2018, Whitelabrecs
  • 49:24 Capac – Lyke-Wake Dirge
    Through The Dread Waste, 2018, self-released (Bandcamp)
  • 54:00 Jóhann Jóhannsson – The Furious Sea Of Fogs And Squalls
    The Mercy (Soundtrack), 2018, Deutsche Grammophon
  • 54:59 Philipp Rumsch – Interlude
    Reflections, 2018, Denovali
  • 56:11 Pink Fluid – Dream One
    Pipe Dreams, 2017, Horisontal Mambo
  • 59:00 DreamScenes – Outro (Dean Hurley)

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DreamScenes – Januari 2018

DreamScenes CZ

……. “Memory Palaces” …….




  • 00:00 DreamScenes – Intro (Susanna)
  • 00:43 The Thing With Five Eyes – Zigurhat
    Noirabesque, 2017, Svart Lava 003
  • 04:50 Michael Begg, Mélenchon Brève – Strugatsky’s Audition As A Bell Ringer
    One True Vine, 2017, Omnempathy OMCD10
  • 07:04 Rutger Zuydervelt, Ilia Berukov, René Aquarius – The Red Soul (edit)
    The Red Soul, 2017, Sofamusic SOFA562
  • 11:31 Julian Winter – Every Evening
    Cutting Rooms, 2017, Esc.Rec 57
  • 15:07 Thomas Carleberg, Emil Nilsson – In Search Of The Wild
    Future Unfolding (Original Game Soundtrack), 2017, Minimum Records
  • 17:10 Ljerke – Skjeggfugl
    Ljerke, 2018, Eilean Records, Eilean 36
  • 22:35 Bruno Sanfilippo – Doll
    Doll, 2018, Ad21
  • 27:38 Maxime Tanguay – June 234
    Sore Body, 2017, Pertin-Nce 065
  • 32:05 Empyrean Atlas – Murmuring (excerpt)
    Poly Rush, 2017, Secret Villages
  • 33:50 Stephan Micus – Dawn
    Inland Sea, 2017, ECM 2569
  • 37:18 Michel Banabila – The Gathering
    Home, 2017, Tapu Records 019TR
  • 40:04 Hior Chronik – In A Parallel Universe
    Out Of The Dust, 2017, 7K! 7k004CD
  • 43:58 James Osland, Finn Kelvin – Maybe She Wanted To Break Free Of This Town
    Colourless, 2017, Flaming Pines
  • 46:08 Matthew Florianz – Interval
    Onontgonnen, 2017, self-released (Bandcamp)
  • 51:07 Los Angeles Percussion Quartet – Memory Palace I. Harriman
    Beyond, 2017, Sono Luminous DSL-92214
  • 53:54 Saffronkeira – Twin Peaks Reimagined
    IRMxTP XII – Tatooine Peaks (When Jupiter And Saturn Meet), 2017, Indie Rock Magazine IRMxTP XII
  • 58:56 DreamScenes – Outro (Dean Hurley)

Play this edition on-demand from the Concertzender website.

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Sleeping, or what….? (+ Folio_Archive)


In case you are wondering about the recent lack of activity here: don’t worry – there’s a good reason for that:

Apart from the short holiday I enjoyed, I am now busy preparing an exciting project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ambientblog, later this year.
Details will follow soon – and it will definitely be worth the wait!

Unfortunately this also means that the pile of interesting releases that I shóuld have mentioned here is growing bigger and bigger…
I definitely will catch up with these later – even if that means that some of them will have sold out (physically) in the meantime.


For those interested (and to fill the gap): I am currently publishing all my NPS Folio Radio shows as Folio_Archive on Mixcloud.
19 Shows from 2006/2007 are now online; another 33 from 2008/2009 will follow soon.

These shows were broadcast on Dutch national Radio 6, and so there are some spoken introductions in Dutch, too. But not to worry: they are always short and few, since the program aimed to let the music present itself.

It might be nice to go back in time a few years to discover some names that you may have missed then…
Even though the shows are 6-9 years old now, most of the music still sounds fresh to me, and possibly to you, too!

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Introducing: DreamScenes


Some of you may remember that before this blog became “Ambientblog” in 2009, it was called DreamScenes“.

Although still a ‘niche genre’, the interest in ambient/electronic/experimental music has kept growing, and currently there seems to be much more music than I could ever write about here.
Which sometimes leaves me with a slight guilt about not presenting music that is definitely worth listening!

Time to revive the “radio show” format…..! (in a way)

Starting October, 3, the DreamScenes ambient music channel will be uploaded monthly to MIXCLOUD – ánd of course here on Ambientblog.
And besides, they will also be included in the Ambientblog Android App of course!

Currently, I’m planning a monthly one hour broadcast on every first friday of the month.
That won’t nearly be enough, I guess, but we’ll see where it gets us from there… If there’s enough interest I might spend some more time later..

But why the different name?
I decided not to publish these ‘shows’ through the same channels as the current Ambientblog Mixes (Mixcloud, Podcast, App etc), because they will probably be quite different in nature.

Ambientblog mixes usually are quite complex collages, with a lot of (often indistinguishable) fragments trying to tell their story.
The DreamScenes broadcasts will be much simpler – they will present mostly full tracks, in a continuous mix – without any cut-up trickery.

The main goal for the DreamScenes broadcasts is to present ambient music – but to present it without words and just let the music speak for itself.
Of course all track album and release details will be provided with every broadcast to help you find the album.

Needless to say: I really hope you’ll join in at some time, maybe even chat along or leave a comment to let me know you’re out there….

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