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Ten years after his chilling debut Sistereis (and eight years since Varde), Elegi is awakened from his slumber by the curators of the Dronarivm label in their search for “unsung melodies from our century”.

Tommy ‘Elegi’ Jansen (from Norway) claims Bånsull is an old and rare Norwegian word for lullaby.
But you’d better not fall asleep to this music: it’ll probably be the soundtrack to your most frightening nightmares.


“Folk tales from around the world that have scared small children for centuries. When I became a father some years ago it was only natural for me to write my own bedtime stories to lull my baby to sleep. For some strange reason these gave her nightmares and she did not sleep for years.”

Let this be a warning to you: you cannot un-listen this!

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Alphaxone & Protou - Stardust


When released on Cryo Chamber, you can bet it’s dark. And cold, like the label name suggests (though the label is now based in Oregon, USA, its roots are from Sweden).
Not ‘dark ambient’ in the inverted new age sense, with chanting monks, church bells and such nonsense, but dark in a fascinating way. Let’s call it IDM –  Intelligent Dark Music.

Alphaxone (Mehdi Saleh, from Iran) and ProtoU (Sasha Cats, from Kiev, Ukraine) work together on this spacey album that helps you ‘float weightless into the void to the sound of exploding supernovas.’
The ‘exploding supernova’ bit suggests a collection of loud explosions, but actually this album has the trance-inducing calmness and timelessness of endless space travel.
Recommended for lovers of space ambient and old school science fiction soundtracks.’

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Lustmord - Dark Matter


A bit late to the party, perhaps: this album was released september 2016. But while on the subject of dark and space, we simply cannot ignore this gem. After all, Brian ‘Lustmord‘ Williams is widely credited as the originator of the Dark Ambient genre!

The vast expanse of the Universe, ‘far larger than we are able to comprehend’, was the inspiration for this album.
Three long-form tracks (Subspace, Astronomicom and Black Static) created from sounds derived from an audio library of cosmological activity, gathered from sources like NASA, The Very Large Array, National Radio Astronomy Observatory and more.

“Behind the world that we experience lies a veil of darkness and much is hidden between, beyond and unseen.”

Created from the sounds coming from space – the sound that ‘exists as naturally occurring electromagnetic vibrations’, coming from sources like ‘interstellar plasma and molecules, radio galaxies, pulsars masers and quasars’ – the ambience of this album is dark but not scary.
After all:  ‘The universe began of darkness, not light.’

Dark Matter is enigmatic yet comforting. And a spacey dark ambient classic.

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Loscil; Olan Mill; Linear Bells; Fabio Orsi; Alphaxone

Conche de Matha

For Greta

A strikingly beautiful three-track set from Loscil (Scott Morgan), released as a fundraiser for his friends whose daughter Greta has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.
More recommendation to download this and pay generously for it should not be needed.

Half Seas Over

Short (26 minute) but beautiful set from Olan Mill (Alex Smalley), presenting some live tracks as well as new studio pieces. More than before, “the hauntingly beautiful vocals that have become increasingly predominant in his works really take centre stage here.”
Originally, the expression ‘half seas over’ “comes from the notion of a ship being so heavy that it sits low enough that small waves (half seas) wash over the deck of a ship”.
Which perfectly fits the waves of sound ‘washing’ over the listener.

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Conche de Matha
As you probably guess from the cover, it’s only a very small step from “Half Seas Over” to Linear Bell’s “Conche de Matha”  – thematically ánd musically. David Teboul’s ‘washes’ are created from the sounds he recorded when visiting a small French island in December: “I decided to trap all the surroundings sounds and soak up the best of this autumnal atmosphere.” At home, the sound atmosphere was recreated with additional layers of guitar, cello and organ. The result can be heard found in this beautiful name-you-price download.

Fabio Orsi-Thrill

These eight tracks, all simply titled “Just for a Thrill”, all evolve from minimalist melodic tunes that are embedded in a warm synth pad backing. The album starts with ‘classic’ piano themes but slowly gets more ‘electronic’ and abstract near the end; as if the ‘backing’ takes over. Most of the tracks are around six minutes in length, with the exception of (4) and (8) that are considerably longer (up to 20 minutes for the closing piece).
Released in Home Normal style: packed in locally cultivated and harvested washi paper and also including en 16 page booklet with Fabio Orsi’s polaroid photographs.

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Considerably darker atmospheres come from Alphaxone, which is the alias of Mehdi Saleh (from Iran). “Altered Dimensions” is a great title capturing the cinematic sounds of this masterfully produced album “of smooth frequency manipulation.”
“Creating dark ambient soundscapes with a futuristic touch”, Alphaxone “reaches a new level of audio fidelity and there is always something subtle in the background as protruding from beyond the physical plane.” 

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