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The National Pool * Andrew Sherwell * R Beny

National Pool

Different kind of memories and mixed emotions: about the Russian space travel era in the late 50’s, about bedtime stories of mysterious central european cultures as told by a travelling grandfather, and about ‘Saudade’ – feelings to cherish.

Alapastel * Group Listening


“If we are able to uncover the profound beauty of things, that seem to be hidden, it is possible to become more humble and appreciative of life around us.”

Alapastel expands the borders of ‘post-classical’ music, plus rearrangements of ambient music classics for clarinet and piano by Group Listening.

Frans de Waard * Zeno van den Broek * Kassel Jaeger * Orphax Reframed

Orphax Reframed

Frans de Waard’s “Hot August Night” is the answer to anyone that thinks that ambient music ‘needs more cowbell’.
Also three releases on Moving Furniture records that explore the deepest of drones: Zeno van den Broek, Kassel Jaeger and Orphax (remixes).

Ljerke * Michel Banabila


The wind comes from the North, and it is a cold wind.
This is a clear warning that we have to be careful, take action, and take care to preserve the nature that we will miss when it is gone forever.
Plus: Michel Banabila’s ‘Just Above The Surface’