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Until now (November 2022), áll Ambientblog mixes and DreamScenes editions were also available on Mixcloud. Starting on December 1, 2022, the free Mixcloud account can only host 10 shows. A Pro account (99 Euro/year) can host an unlimited amount of shows, but since I’d need two of those this is too expensive for me. So I made an important decision about using Mixcloud.

This also means that all DreamScenes editions can be downloaded from now on! (They weren’t downloadable before, only available streaming). So you can thank Mixcloud for that!

Here’s an overview of the availability:

Ambientblog mixes

  • The 10 latest mixes are available on Mixcloud.
    With an average of 3-4 every year, this means about 2.5-3 years.
  • All editions are available on ambientblog.net to stream and/or download (as MP3).
    Most of them can also be downloaded in a surround version (DTS or WMA).
  • They are also archived on archive.org (often also offering lossless quality download).
  • Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, etc.

DreamScenes editions

  • The 10 latest editions are available on Mixcloud.
    Each edition is available for 10 months.
  • All editions are available on ambientblog.net to stream.
  • Starting with the July 2017 edition, they can also be streamed from Concertzender.nl.
  • Podcast on Spotify, Apple, etc, limited to the latest 5 editions (via Concertzender).

Folio Archive
(You probably did not know this existed, did you?)

This is an archive of all the NPS Folio radio shows I produced from December 2006 until August 2009.
That is a long time ago, yes, but most of these programs are still interesting to listen to. Just try some!
Since this is an archive, there will be no new editions added and thus this collection is unaffected by the new restriction (for now at least).

  • These shows are only available on Mixcloud.

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    1. Peter

      They will be deleted from Mixcloud (all but the latest 10) but will still remain available as stated above, and downloadable from ambientblog.net. so nothing is truly lost after all.