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Most – if not all – music speaks for itself. But often, artists choose to support their music with visual components: still images, or videos. But very rarely a digital album is presented as an interactive virtual environment, as a soundtrack to a ‘game’ setting.

This is exactly what Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Aesthetic.stalemate (Matthew Edwards) present: an audio album with an interactive virtual environment.
I would hesitate to call it a ‘game’, however: there is no clear objective you have to reach to complete it. There’s no shooting, no strategy, no building. It is more like an interactive screensaver-like image that you can control to your liking while enjoying the music.

There are controls to manipulate the musical environment (on the left) as well as controls to alter the visual aspects (on the right) to your liking.

Images speak louder than words, so check the trailer demo to get an impression:


Adventurous soundscapes combining “live processed field recordings, discrete audio frequencies, and distilled spatial design”.
The sounds, created by Thompson, serve “as a sonic score informing the visual design,” (created by Edwards), “while the visual design, in turn, provided a graphic score for the creation of the soundscapes”.
On its own, the music covers a mini-album of 23 minutes in 6 tracks. But together with the interactive software, you can dwell in it for a much longer time.

C.A. Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate – Complimentary Phenomena

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