DreamScenes – December 2019

Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you dream


Play this edition on-demand from the Concertzender website.


DreamScenes editions are also available as a podcast!

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      1. Philippe

        I actually listened to some of them several times.
        The way you use those little fragments of music astonish me.
        It ‘s a never-ending source of listening pleasure.
        So i know very well the category “Mixes” you mentioned.

    1. There’s a reason that they are not (unfortunately): copyright. The other ‘ambientblog’ mixes (http://www.ambientmix.net) can be downloaded because they contain overlayed fragments, samples, of tracks. But the DreamScenes editions contain full tracks from (mostly recent) albums. I don’t want to run into trouble with artists or labels in the discussion that making these downloads available means they sell less of their music (it’s hard enough for a musician in this genre already). So I would have to ‘clear’ every track with every artist or his/her manager, which would take a lifetime and is practically impossible. So that is why the DreamScenes editions are only available on-demand here on Ambientblog/Mixcloud and on the Concertzender website.
      I hope you can understand this.