Harnes Kretzer * Alio Die / Lorenzo Montaná

Horror Vacui


This short (21 minutes) mini-album has all the features of a large-screen movie score. And by ‘large-screen’: think Titanic-level instead of cult arthouse.
I don’t think it is written for an actual movie, but it could be part of Harnes Kretzer‘s portfolio to convince directors he’s up to the job. The orchestrations are massive, almost overwhelming, slowly building up to an intense climax – but the melodies are always relatable. And inescapable.

Judged by the titles – Agen$, Trem0r, De$per0, 0bligati0Kretzer didn’t specifically have a rom-com in mind when he created this music. And Horror Vacui means ‘horror void’.
But, in the end, the context is up to the listener. That is probably why there is not much information about this album, apart from the fact that Hannes Kretzer (his real name is without the ‘r’) wrote the score and performed the instruments, with the aid of Christian Pensel and Peter Honsalek (strings) and Lukas Münich (horns).

Best played very loud for maximum effect!



Judged by the title alone, this is somewhat of the opposite of Kretzer’s album. The Threshold Of Beauty could serve as an antidote for the short but intense dark journey of Horror Vacui.
The Closest Place To The Soul, Lighthearted Expansion Return – but there are some slightly darker touches too, such as in Dark Dhrupad.

This is the second collaboration of the two Italian artists: the follow-up to 2015’s Holographic Codex.

“The recordings [for Threshold Of Beauty] started with Alio Die performing on a psaltery (an ancient medieval instrument like a dulcimer but played by plucking the strings) augmented with real-time electronic improvisations & processing by Lorenzo. The tracks were then edited by Alio Die adding layers, additional effects and loops to complete the expansive ritualistic tapestry.” 

The choice of the psaltery as one the basic instruments determines the sound atmosphere: “meditative dream-infused soundscapes and beatless mystical textures – undeniably calm and moving.”
Like I said before: a perfect antidote for darker times.

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