Arovane/Hatami * Hatami/Martin/Attanasio


AROVANE/PORYA HATAMI – C.H.R.O.N.O.S.  Also on Spotify

German producer Arovane (Uwe Zahn) and Iranian sound artist Porya Hatami have an impressive collabortative history: they worked together on five albums. Organism, Organism Evolution, Monads, Kaziwa were previously recommended here so if you’re a regular reader I assume you already know their names. Ánd know their work will be worth checking out.

Unlike Organism Evolution, which presented 23 short tracks, C.H.R.O.N.O.S. presents five longer compositions, focusing “on creating a contemplative, zen-like atmosphere of subtle beauty”.

Each track represents an *oid that might be further investigated (Ellipsoid, Cycloid, Catenoid, Helicoid, Cissoid), but for now I simply leave that for what it is and simply let the music impress me.

And impressive it is… Music as enigmatic as its album cover.



I must admit I am not familiar with the work of Roberto Attanasio (and was somewhat surprised to see the list of albums he has released since 2014), but the names of Porya Hatami and Aaron Martin, combined with the fact that this is a release on the Dronarivm label, were enough to convince me that this was worth checking out. And it is!

“Sallaw is a Kurdish word that expresses the passing of time. Four tracks of slowly unfolding ambience make up this collection, each piece named after different months, again in Kurdish. The four sections represent the different seasons and their movement through time.”

Google Translate tells me that Pûşper means June, Rêbendan means Januari, but Xakelêwe and Gelarêzan are not recognized. We are lucky enough to have Wikipedia to find out that they represent July and October.
But this is not necessary knowledge, since this music works well in all seasons.

A perfect balance of Hatami’s electronic soundscapes, Martin’s cello and Attanasio’s keyboards.

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