Sebastian & Daniel Selke * Robert Heel

I do not usually post about singles, but there’s an exception for everything. This vinyl 7″ and 12″ singles do not only contains beautiful music, but are also proving that 1+1 can definitely be 3.



The music is created by Sebastian and Daniel Selke, otherwise known as CEEYS and also curators of the ’boutique music festival’ Q3Ambientfest held in Potsdam, Germany.
The single is titled Q3A, named after the festival which in turn is named but after the prefab building type ‘Querwandtyp Nr. 3, Variante A’ (Cross-Wall Construction), used in the 1980’s for the prefab building estates that were built in the area where the Selkes grew up.

The two tracks on this 7-inch, however, are called For Sebastian and An Daniel (an is German for for).
The two brothers wrote these pieces for each other – Daniel with his keyboards and Sebastian on cello.

And here’s the catch: the two tracks are exactly the same length (4:55) and can be combined to a third version. This will of course be a little hard to do with the physical 7-inch editions (unless you have two copies and two record players exactly in sync).

But don’t worry: the combined version of both tracks can be heard in the April 2019 DreamScenes edition.

Sebastian Selke – An Daniel

In Between


Robert Heel‘s 12″ vinyl release In Between is based on the same conceptual idea: two tracks that can be combined into a third. The music is quite different, though.

The inspiration for this project came when he ‘brought together a glitched out track with a reverb drenched drone. The sound world that opened up by this mix was utterly beautiful and made me feel this two tracks were meant to be listened to simultaneously.’ 
Apart from that, ‘it was also a test to see where we stand right now production wise, the supposedly analog warmth vs. harsh digital artifacts. As with so many things the right mixture might just do the trick.’

While the two tracks have the same length (9:36), in this case they don’t have to be played exactly in sync: combining them can ‘become particularly interesting with shiftings and offset. For example when played at different speed, when started slightly off etc.’ 
So here, you cán experiment with two physical versions and two turntables.
Apart from the unfortunate fact that the vinyl 12″ versions are sold out on pre-order, before the actual release date. So if you want to hear the combined version, or experiment with it yourself, you will have to go for the digital version too.

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