Michel Banabila – Jump Cuts (EP)

Jump Cuts

When he introduced his recent digital-only EP-release Jump CutsMichel Banabila hesitantly apologized for the fact that it wasn’t exactly experimental music.
But because he enjoyed making it so much he decided to release it to the public.

While it may not exactly be abstract hardcore experimental music indeed, I can probably safely assume that this is still much too experimental to the ears of about 95% of radiomakers and – listeners.

But what is more important: it’s a return-to-style to the music that bears the unique Banabila trademark.
The kind of patchwork sounds he created for previous albums like Voiznoiz and Precious Images – let’s call it his pre-abstract-electronic era. The kind of music that also perfectly fits theatre, dance, documentary or movies soundtracks.

A jump cut  in film editing is a cut in which two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly, giving the effect of jumping forwards in time.
Banabila achieves the effect by synchronizing all kinds of seemingly unrelated found sounds and vocal snippets with a compelling background rhythm track.

It’s easy to hear why Michel Banabila enjoyed creating these tracks so very much. I’d say: don’t worry about experimentalism…. more of this, please!

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