Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana – Holographic Codex

Alio Die (Stephano Musso) is a prolific artist. His Discogs discography boasts no less than 52 albums since 1990, and those are probably not even all.
Many of those are collaboration albums: he has worked with a lot of famous artists, such as Mathias Grassow, Amelia Cuni, Robert Rich, Saffron Wood, Mariolina Zitta. 

Holographic Codex“, his first release for 2015, is a collaboration project with Lorenzo Montanà.
is not exactly a newcomer himself: the Italian soundtrack composer has also worked with a lot of artists in various musical fields. He is also known for his work on the Fax label, where he released his first solo album (“Black Ivy”) and the Labyrinth series together with Pete Namlook. 

Alio Die and Lorenzo Montanà fit together like hand and glove. The duo’s “transporting and alluring aural sceneries of evolving, intimate sounds” are a classic example of the sum being greater than both parts alone.

There are ‘mystical’ drones, intriguing beats. And there are mysterious vocals that sound like electronically induced overtone singing or a very distant choir.

“Distant echoes of ancient monastery, choral voices of lost languages, and musical structures of shifting melodic an textural passages reveal that Holographic Codex  is a secret code: a precise and skilfully crafted mantra of hypnotic sonic depth and symbolic fragments.”


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