Poppy Ackroyd & Lumen – Escapement Visualised

Escapement Visualised

Packed in a beautiful black embossed cover is this remarkable re-issue of Poppy Ackroyd‘s 2012 album. For this re-release, Escapement” is presented in DVD-format with visuals by Lumen (Tom Newell).

Poppy Ackroyd and Tom Newell met when they were both working with the Hidden Orchestra, and decided to work together for Poppy’s live performances.
The re-release in this form was triggered by the specific requests of audiences after these performances.

Poppy’s gentle acoustic music (often exploring the sonic possibilities of piano and violin) get a complete new dimension with the black & white visuals accompanying them.
Some of the videos are highly detailed, others are vague or snippets taken from 1958 home movie shots.
There’s nature shots (inevitably), but also expressive dance movements (performed by Maite Delafin) , fascinating shots from “X-Ray Studies of the joint movements” (1948), or details from the insides of a piano.

“Where the track had a clear story behind it, Lumen has tried to either recreate or be sympathetic to this, in some cases visually realising some of the mental images that were there during the creation of the music. When the compositions had a more abstract feeling and mood, these were taken as starting points. “

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