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When you read this, the ambientblog site is successfully migrated to a new platform!

To celebrate this, I have 30 FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD CODES to give away!
Winners will be randomly drawn from all email subscribers that have entered their address in the first 48 hours (counting from the moment of publishing this post).

It’s your chance to win one of these albums (listed alphabetically):

Machinefabriek – Drum Solos

Machinefabriek – Stroomtoon II

Matthew Florianz – GrijsGebied

Matthew Florianz – Koude Handen

Michel Banabila – Float

Michel Banabila – Music for Viola and Electronics

Michel Banabila – Zoomworld

(BTW – you cannot specify your preference – prizes are also chosen randomly!)

THANKS AGAIN TO MATTHEW, MICHEL and RUTGER for donating their albums!!
(Also, massive thanks to EDU HACKENITZ for migrating the database, and VIC van COOTEN for help with the CSS stylesheet)

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