Inner Vision Laboratory vs. Nepenthe – Ambit


Inner Vision Laboratory is a musical project from the Polish artist Karol Skrzypiec, who describes his music as ‘basically industrial dark ambient, also including elements of ethnic music, classical music, et al.”

“AMBIT” is the result of his online collaboration with Nepenthe (Daniel Krause) (whose alias probably refers to the ‘Drug of Forgetfullness’). (Note: See Nepenthe’s reaction in the comments below)

The album “was three years in the making when they were searching for a common language and fiddling with sonic matter”.
The result is a cohesive, symbiotic album that – like the cover – deals with Beauty as well as with Darkness.

The seven untitled tracks all convey vast desolate (mostly industrial) landscapes, sometimes haunted by the ghosts of previous inhabitants.
It’s only near the end of the album, in the second half of the last track, that suddenly an unexpected string theme emerges, just in time to release the tension that was built up in the preceding 45 minutes.

“AMBIT” might pull you out of your comfort zone somewhat, but it is also refreshingly touching.

Unsettling, but also beautiful.

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  1. Nepenthe

    In H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Outsider”, “But in the cosmos there is balm as well as bitterness, and that balm is nepenthe.” and “For although nepenthe has calmed me, I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.” 😉