Kontakt der Jünglinge – Makrophonie 1


With a real name for an album title, Kontakt Der Jünglinge (Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens – the name being a homage to Stockhausen) break with the naming tradition of the predecessor series released in 2001 – 2003: ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘-1’, ‘N’.

The black color of the cover (in contrast to the white sleeves of the earlier series) suggests that there a more differences: to begin with, Makrophonie 1 is not a live set recording but the duo’s first studio album.

“It’s the result of various scores which were developed before and during miscellaneous live performances. These worked out structures were then taken to the studio, where they were concentrated and received their final finish.”
Musically, the difference is not as great as this would suggest: the release is perfectly in line with the earlier albums. Maybe even a bit too much: critics might state that one would expect something more different after a hiatus of over 10 years.

But, on the other hand: why change such a great formula? After all, the combination of such massive talents in sound design (with their often relatively different approach in creating sounds, matching together like a good conversation) is yielding the kind of electronic soundscapes that are seldom equalled.

Makrophonie 1 starts out with a low (and I mean LOW – mind your speakers!) rumble, like a distant earthquake, slowly building a wide landscape which is undeniably Thomas Köner’s.
Lots of details are added – I assume that this is Asmus Tietchens’ work mainly, but I’m not sure about the details of what each of the duo contributes – slowly but inevitably leading to a loud climax about halfway.
From there, the process is reversed, the silence gradually returns, until (after 37 minutes) you are thrown back and left in what seems to be absolute – and pitchblack – void.

Let’s hope the “1” indicates this is the start of a new series of releases!


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