Dentistry – Vardogr


I don’t particularly have very pleasant auditive associations when thinking about my dentist.
Fascinating as  they may be, the high-pitched sound of the dentist drill resonating in my skull, the gurgling drain, and the dentist telling me to relax my muscles – while all of my body tells otherwise….not very reassuring.

So what to expect from an electronic music trio called Dentistry?

Well – their music may not entirely be what you’d expect from your dentist associations.

Dentistry (Dublin-based Cian Walker, Patrick Fernelly and Jason Joormun) are not afraid to use clean harsh electronic sounds, but they are not “just” that. Their sound is clearly machine-made, yet not “just” reflecting the outcome of a complex mathematical theory.  

“The word ‘Vardogr‘ is a Norwegian term defined as ‘a premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives’. Like a reverse episode of déjà vu possibly, the title hints at many of the mysterious sensory anomalies that have confronted many of the great thinkers and spiritualists as they have contemplated the philosophical minefield of trying to understand human consciousness and perception.”

All associations and theories aside, Dentistry manages to create a bridge between the mathematical electronics of (say) Raster-Noton, and the more improvised kind of electro-acoustic music. 

“They draw influences from a large number of sources from Cage to Ambarchi which is evidenced in the restrained and evocative nature of their beguiling debut.”

Fact: this release has made me look forward to my next dentist visit.

Dentistry – Vardogr III

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