Yann Novak; Antonymes + Slow Dancing Society; Pascal Savy; Mental Corridors; Broken Harbour

In the Shortlist sections, I will mention some of the albums that I enjoyed listening to, but couldn’t find the time (or the right words) for a “full” review for. Still, I think they deserve your attention: use the links to find more info and hear previews.


Yann Novak – Presence
“The original sound performance for Presence used a mixture of recordings taken with a cell phone of sounds that altered ones perception.  These recordings were then digitally enhanced there unique characteristics. Through the use of digitally enhanced recordings, all chosen for there ability to altered ones perception, Presence moves smoothly through the a number of emotional and physical states. Evenly paced passages drift slowly from one into another, beginning in dissonance and slowly shifting into complimentary over the duration of the piece.”

Antonymes + Slow Dancing Society

Antonymes – We don’t look back for very long
“On his new EP We Don’t Look Back For Very Long, Antonymes has reworked a track from each of fellow Hidden Shoal artist Slow Dancing Society’s four albums,casting radiant new light on the stunning originals. Across almost 30 minutes, Antonymes marries SDS’s glistening atmospheres to his own trademark ambient neo-classical minimalism, creating a completely mesmerizing hybrid”

Pascal Savy 

Pascal Savy – Liminal
“Using a very reduced palette of FM and analog synths, a discarded piano abandoned in a garage and some oboe, augmented with processed field recordings, the core of Liminal was written in Autumn 2010 as nights were started to get shorter. After a few months of composting, the tracks were developed further by cross-pollination: tiny elements of each track were re-injected into different tracks, until each one contained traces of the other ones. Liminal explores themes of solitude, loss of self and journey towards recovery – an inbetween where the sense of identity slowly dissolves into new forms.”

Mental Corridors

Mental Corridors – Entering Sorrow
With so much sweet sounding neo-classical chamber music released lately, this rollercoaster ride of electronic and ‘musique concrete’ sound effect can be a welcoming variation into more adventurous areas.
Dark and haunting, fascinating soundscapes created by Vincenzo Carini.
(Free download!) 

Gramophone Transmissions

Broken Harbour – Gramophone Transmissions
Completely fed up with synthesizers, Broken Harbour (Blake Gibson) created this album using processed samples and loops derived from classical vinyl records, and choral, mellotron and piano recordings. With fascinating result, conjuring strange,
nostalgic images in the same way The Caretaker does. Only better, since these compositions are far more interesting and better balanced in structure.

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