Antonymes – Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder


Shortly after releasing his beautiful album The Licence to interpret Dreams” , Antonymes brings another sweet surprise.

To be honest – the REAL surprise was the extremely limited edition package as released on the Time Released Sound label, but you needn’t worry about that since this physical edition sold out within one hour. (Be sure to keep an eye on this label for future surprises!)

Luckily, the music from Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder is still offered as a digital download, and this is still a treat, even without the special packaging to hold.

The 23 minute (8 tracks) EP comes with a 14 page PDF file containing all artwork and info, and with a short poetic movie clip of the opening track.

Musically, the tracks on “Like Rumours of Hushed Thunders” are much more ‘introvert’ than those on “The Licence to interpret Dreams”. The instrumentation is sparse, mainly Antonymes (Ian Hazeldine) playing his Steingraeber 130 upright piano, coloured sometimes by ‘cheap violin’ or hardly audible field recordings.

All tracks were written and recorded in december 2010, and were delicately mastered by Rudi Arapahoe, carefully retaining dynamics and the piano’s background noises. 

If you want comparisions, this work reminds me of some of Harold Budd’s best work (but without the heavy treatment). 

A very pure and intimate album.

Antonymes – 281210

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  1. Edu Hackenitz (via Facebook)

    Mooi. Waarom is het toch altijd zo ingewikkeld om zoiets te kopen als fysiek materiaal . Zo’n download album vind ik eigenlijk net niks….of maak ik mij nu onsterfelijk belachelijk ?