Olaf Tonstein – Snow


Releasing a title called “Snow” not seem very appropriate in mid-may. But when the temperature rises, chances are you may need some cooling down…in which case this album may definitely help!

Olaf Tonstein is featured on about half of the (now 14) releases on the Klitorik netlabel (the one with the happy bees), and Snowis his latest.

Snowstarts like watching over a vast, empty and uninhibited field. Cold, indeed.
But the (almost industrial sounding) environmental hum soon changes into interesting and more organic details.
The ‘drone’ evolves into a soundscape and gradually even becomes more ‘musical’, slowly introducing organ sounds and a steady rhythm (around 20″).

Not much drone-based pieces have an interesting ‘span’ like this 28 minute piece.
It’s like waking up slowly. Or (more in line with the title) like slowly unfreezing.

A recommended download!

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