Enrico Coniglio+Under the Snow – Dialogue One

Dialogue One

I first learned about Enrico Coniglio on the Underwater Noisescompilation and from there found his fascinating Salicornie (Topofonie Vol. 2)”, dedicated to the city of Venice.

Compared to “Salicornie”, this latest release, Dialogue One”  is quite different: one hour of abstract soundscapes and mutually attracting opposites.

“Dialogue One” is a ‘split’ project with Silentes label artists Under the Snow (Stefano Gentile (guitar, field recordings) and Gianluca Favaron (field recordings, processing)).

Although there is no ‘dialogue’ between the artists in the tracks itself – the first four tracks are  performed by Enrico Coniglio, while the last, performed by Under the Snow, takes up the other half of the album – “Dialogue” is a title well chosen. All tracks show a caleidoscopic display of sounds that seem to be quite different but merge very well.
It’s a dialogue between harsh and soft sounds, hi-fi and lo-fi, sawtooth and sinus, shouting an whispering, comforting and frightening. But, different as they are, all parts adds up to a fascinatingly coherent universe of electronic sounds.

Enrico Coniglio – Kingdom of Her

coniglio - I

Another Coniglio release (also on Silentes) is part of a cassette series called Collezione Del Silenzio: 26 audiocassettes (one for every letter in the alphabet) containing “Free Interpretations of Silent Sounds”.
For this series, Coniglio takes care of the letter “I” with two tracks, resp. 16:43 and 18:52 in length.
Backed with the familiar analogue hiss of the cassette tape, Coniglio slowly unfolds his drones. In this almost industrial hiss, it is hard to distinct his sound from the carrier’s distortion. There’s a lot of clicks and short eruptions, as if the tapes catches environmental radiation in sound. It’s a fascinating array of sounds, always changing, always moving on.

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