Adrian Aniol – Arrythmia


Like me, you have probably not heard about Adrian Aniol‚ before – unless maybe when you’re from Poland.

But if you are looking for haunting, dark, electronic soundscapes I strongly advise you to check out his debut release Arrythmia  – which is available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Adrian Aniol‚ is a music producer, composer and graphic designer writing music for installations and movie soundtracks.

Arrythmia (medical term for ‘irregular heartbeat’) is an “artistic indie film, an independent production considered to be released”. (Note the ‘considered’).
Horror noir, Lynchian style: “The movie is about strange dark dreams, sexual perversity slowed down just to show us abrupt violence in several versions.”

That does not sound like this movie might be a very pleasurable watch – but the soundtrack is very much worth listening!

These 15 tracks together convey some very strange, somewhat industrial, atmospheres – sometimes disturbed by some loud and downright startling percussive effects.

Navigating between contemporary ambient/electronic music and atmospheric movie soundtracks (this could’ve also been great game music, by the way), Adrian Aniol‚ definitely creates his a distinct musical style that deserves to be heard – and NOT only in arthouse cinema theatres! 

Adrian Aniol – Informis Pravitas

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  1. Danny

    Nice review Peter! “Arrhythmia” is plainly unsettling, frequently terrifying and isn’t the best thing to listen to in the dark – which is a great thing 🙂 “Arrhythmia” stands up brilliantly in its own right, divorced from the film (i really want to watch the movie!). Recommended release.