Spheruleus – Forgotten Outland

Forgotten Outland cover

Apart from running his excellent Audio Gourmet netlabel (check their beautiful compilation album Hidden Landscapes” if you didn’t already), Harry Towell a.k.a. Spheruleus also releases his own music on different labels. 

Resting Bell  netlabel recently released his latest short (23 min) three track album called “Forgotten Outland“. 

Forgotten Outland has the sound and feel that has become a trademark for Spheruleus’ work, and yet it sounds different from his earlier recordings.

The music is inspired by the rural Lincolnshire surroundings in which he lives. String instruments (guitar and zither), sounding like a peaceful windchime, are embedded in a background of other musical sources (vibraphone, bugle, keyboard, harmonica, trumpet, violin) and field recordings.

So that may explain the ‘Outland’ , but what about the ‘Forgotten’

For this album, Harry Towell  wanted the instrument samples and field recordings to sound loose and degraded,  to “offer a faded insight into times gone by when the farmland thrived. Just like the physical state of the farm itself, the record sounds timeworn, warped and a shadow of its former self.”

You probably won’t hear many artists describe their latest album as ‘a shadow of its former self’, still that’s exactly what the charm of this album is – and that’s a positive note! 

Like the many other excellent offerings from Resting Bell, this is a free download, so no reason to hesitate!

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