Shinobu Nemoto – Melting Loop Trip

Melting Loop Trip

Melting Loop Trip” by Shinobu Nemoto (from Kanagawa, Japan), should not be missed by anyone enjoying long-form drone music. 

It is released as a handmade 4CDR release if you want a physical copy, but it can also be downloaded (for free!) from the Resting Bell netlabel.  

It’s a massive download including sixteen loops, each loop between six and thirteen minutes long, totalling over two-and-a-half hour of deep drone listening.

 A fairly extreme release in size ánd content.

The ‘extreme’ does not refer to the sound of the loops: they are all very atmospheric, warm and meditative. 
The ‘extremeness’ is found more in the strict minimalism of these drones. 

Like a good drone should, the sound of these loops colour your background without drawing attention, and thus they are also perfectly capable of masking unwanted background sounds.
There is neither clear beginning nor end for each loop , and no dynamic progression to speak of, so the loops can also easily be played on repeat. 
This music is not intended to listen actively, but if you immersive yourself in its sound a complex sound world opens up to be discovered. 

The use of ‘drones’ in ambient music has taken on quite a lot of different directions, even up to the music being as intrusive as any other genre.

With “Melting Loop Trip“, Shinobu Nemoto takes us back to the source, back to the origin of drone.
If you’re patient enough to let it overtake you, it is as if you’re witnessing the very beginning of time. 

Shinobu Nemoto – Melting Loop Trip 12

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