Wil Bolton – Time Lapse


Time Lapseis the first album released under his own name, but Wil Bolton is no stranger to music.
Since 2004, he has been recording as Cheju, but a he also created quite a lot of fascinating site-specific works.
Some beautiful examples can he heard on Bolton’s website (I strongly suggest you take your time to listen to all sound samples provided there!)

Although “Time Lapse is labeled as Bolton’s debut release, every single track (of which there are nine) demonstrates his experience in music and sound design.
And the power of restraint.

The basic sound sources are mostly analogue and acoustic, but they are processed and combined with laptop electronics.
The ‘natural feel’ of this album is further enhanced by environmental sounds of different kinds and places. They fit together well, as if the music was part of the environment when it was originally recorded.

Like the cover suggests, there is no unrest in this album, no dark disharmonies.
At times, it seems that there is a lot more ‘dark’ ambient music around, simply because the ‘comfortable’ kind is much more difficult to create. Here, every detail finds its place, resulting in a peaceful overall feeling throughout the album.

Time Lapse”  is a perfect album for any season – but it may especially be very helpful to keep warm in this very cold part of winter.

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