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Invisible Ink (Mix)
invisible ink



Though the title of Arve Henriksen’s opening track (Stille Veg, Quiet Road) was the working title for this mix, I finally decided to call it “Invisible Ink” – referring to the quote from Laurie Anderson’s track from “Homeland”, which may describe the confused global state (and – if you wish –  the political state of Holland in particular):

Was the Constitution written in visible ink?
Has everybody here forgotten how to think?
Is this great big boat starting to … sink?”

But apart from this, this journey along the ‘Stille Veg’ may present some interesting encounters – some dark and mysterious, others enchanting and optimistic…

Invisible Ink - Sequence


Note: time indicates start time

  • 00:00 Arve Henriksen – Stille Veg
    Ellivan, 2009, NORCD 0979
  • 01:23 Ryan Teague – Study for prepared Violin
    Silva, 2006, Miasmah MIACD001
  • 02:30 Marow – Gatow
    Lysar, 2010, Klitorik 013
  • 04:30 sample from “Shutter Island
    Shutter Island, 2010, Paramount Pictures
  • 04:32 The Black Dog – Lounge
    Music for Real Airports, 2010, Soma Quality Recordings, SOMACD083
  • 05:00 Michel Banabila – The Puppets
    Proposals for NNT’s stage performance of Alice in Wonderland, 2010, unreleased
  • 06:14 Able – Forest in Motion
    Migrations, 2010; Rope Swing Cities 040
  • 06:48 Darren Harper – Leaves and Piano
    Momentary, 2010, Audio Gourmet Netlabel AFN002
  • 07:12 Hummingbird – Garden of Secrets
    Our Fearful Symmetry, 2010, Fluid Audio 005
  • 09:44 Rena Jones – Photosynthesis (Nalepa Remix)
    Imaginary Friends, 2009, Ultimae Records inre037
  • 11:26 Laurie Anderson – Dark Time in the Revolution
    Homeland, 2010, Nonesuch 5240552
  • 12:19 Spidergod – Sinister Forest
    The Darker Void, 2010,
  • 13:57 Thomas Köner – W. Bilderdijkkade, Amsterdam
    La Barca Vinyl Edition, 2010, Fario SPLP01
  • 16:10 Cornelius Cardew & Scratch Orchestra – Paragraph 7
    The Great Learning, 1971, Cortical Foundation organofCortu21
  • 18:27 Max Richter – Infra 1
    Infra, 2010, 130701, lp1311
  • 21:48 Colin Potter & Michael Begg – Kitchen Moss
    Fragile Pitches, 2010, Omnempathy, ICR OMIC1A ICR 823566502227
  • 22:10 Goldmund – The Pursuer
    Unreleased Tracks 2009, 2009, Fugues, no cat.#
  • 22:57 Philippe Lamy – Du Centre Au Milieu
    Histoires Naturelles, 2009, High Linear Music HLM05
  • 26:09 Bjarni Gunnarsson – Blindni
    Safn 2006-2009, 2009, Lamadameaveclechien DOG006CD
  • 28:50 Taylor Deupree – Falls Touching Grasses
    Shoals, 2010, 12k 060
  • 30:08 Anna Rose Carter – Rain Again
    Something for a Rainy Day, 2010, Dedicated Records dedrec016
  • 31:03 Carl Sagan’s Ghost – Especially for them Part 2
    Especially for them, 2010, BFW Recordings BFW052
  • 32:06 Lee Patterson – Móine Mhór Wires
    Audible Geography, 2008, Room40 EDRM416
  • 33:37 Alan Lamb & Sarah Hopkins – Mirages
    Sky Song, 1989, Vox Australis VAST0122
  • 35:46 Gareth Hardwick – Dissolve (Chris Herbert Remix)
    Aversions, 2009, Low Point LP025
  • 37:44 The Caretaker – Black Box Warning {MSR990 Memories Mix}
    May The Plague Be With You {Remixes} , 2007, Plague recordings plague013DL
  • 39:18 The Dead Sea – Nulla Desiderata
    The Silent Ballet Vol. 9, 2008, Lost Children Netlabel, lostchildren 051
  • 40:42 Marconi Union – Debris
    A Lost Connection, 2010, Just Music TAO027
  • 44:12 A.R.Rahman – Latika’s Theme,
    Slum Dog Millionnaire Soundtrack, 2009, Interscope 1796869
  • 46:07 WW. Lowman – Excerpt 23
    Musique pour Statues Menhirs, 2009, Arbouse Recordings arbou026
  • 47:53 Yves Robert – In Touch Var. I
    In Touch, 2002, ECM 1787
  • 48:00 Retreat – Hymn
    No R-Mal, 2009, Just not normal jnn050
  • 50:12 Andrew Liles – Anhedonia
    Black Sea, 2007, Beta-lactam Ring Records mt130BlackSeriesnegro10
  • 51:21 Memór – Look! The Pleiades
    Fin D’Hiver, 2010, Dedicated Records dedrec019
  • 53:09 Woob – 85 Bit
    Repurpose, 2010, Bigamoebasounds BASCD01

Download Invisible Ink Now 101Mb (60:00 min.)


[DTS – Surround Version also available]

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  1. I just wanted to send you a quick ‘thank you’ for including my piece ‘Leaves and Piano’ in your Invisible Ink mix. It is a beautiful mix, and i’m honored to have been included! I enjoy your blog very much, and have found many wonderful artists though it!
    If it is of interest to you, I keep a very simple archive of all my works through blogspot~

    Thanks again Peter! Keep up such wonderful work!

    Best wishes,
    ~Darren Harper

  2. Hi Peter,

    Would just like to say a quick thanks for including Darren Harper’s ‘Momentary’ from the Audio Gourmet Netlabel.
    This is a superb mix and it’s great to hear Darren’s work in amongst this collection of similarly fantastic tracks

    Audio Gourmet

  3. Els Koeneman (via Facebook)

    a perfect afternoon in the warm, sunny garden, listening to the sometimes slightly disturbing mix. Or is it because of the title? thanks Peter, it was worth waiting for!

  4. Swartzet

    Just thought I would send a message to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and that I absolutely LOVE the Invisible Ink Mix. Great job compiling that. Very enjoyable and inspiring.

    Keep up the great work! Oh and I agree with you completely about M. Ostermeier

  5. PvC (via Facebook)

    Hello Simon: if you have downloaded the MP3 file you will find the tracklist (including timing) in the comment field, and also in the lyrics field making it possible to scroll the info while playing the track using the default iPhone audio player.These fields can also be viewed using iPeng.
    The URL tag contains a link to – containing a graphic image of the mix.
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Simon Turner (via Facebook)

    After becoming a bit worried i was not going to like this during the wind instrument intro but I loved it. Well done and thanks.
    With your mixes I am alway vey eager to know who made the track I am listening to at any particular point. I remember you said that embedded cue files would not work due to the complexity of the mixes.
    I’m almost certain this isn’t possible either but it would be useful if one of the file’s tags (comment tag?) could include a hypertext link to the information about the mix (on Ambient blog?), or failing that the info itself.
    I use iPeng on my IPhone as the controller/viewer (if this makes any difference).
    Again, thanks for your great mixes.