Vuvuzela Stretch Mix


Ever since I heard Pink Floyd’s processed recording of a stadium singing (on ”Fearless”, from 1971’s “Meddle”), the sound of a mega-crowd organism fascinates me as well as the mass hysteria behind it frightens me.

In fact, I really HATE football, but the 2010 World Championship brought a new fascinating phenomena: the Vuvuzela.

The deafening sound (over 125dB, which is louder than a chain-saw) is dreaded by many for its annoying sound and danger of deafening.
Still, a stadium with thousands of these horns honking continuously is a fascinating sound, which I would love to hear properly recorded (in full surround, preferrably).

So, when someone posted a link to a short sample from the US-UK match, I simply could not resist….

I used the brilliant freeware Paulstretch program to create various stretched versions of this sample: with/without harmonics, filtered, with added low frequencies, stretched into various lenghts – and then used fragments of the results to compile this mix.

It’s nothing special, and it was created in about an hour or so.
Still, I very much like the drone sound and the overtones heard in it.

I can understand why many want to ban the Vuvuzela. And I do hate it when someone blows this loud thing somewhere near me unexpectedly.

But the sound of thousands of Vuvuzela’s turning into a continuous drone is extremely fascinating to me..
I could listen to it for a long time – if only I could find a way to filter out the annoying football commentators 🙂

PvC- Vuvuzela Stretch Mix

Vuvuzela Stretch Mix
DOWNLOAD: 15 Mb (10 min.)(Right-click and Save As)

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  1. Great minds…
    I have been wishing I could turn down the commentators during every game I have watched to just listen to the crowd’s beautiful music.

    As much as I love Paulstretch, (see e.g.,, and as nice as this is (I like it)…I actually think the unprocessed Vuvuzela crowd is more mesmerizing than any processed version could possibly be. I am hoping someone is in the stands with a high-fidelity recording set up making a long live recording for release at some point.