Cliff Child – Einn


Though Cliff Child may sound like one person’s name, it’s actually two: Iceland’s Sjorn Björnsson (creating the sounds) and Robjn (producing the tracks and creating the artwork).

In anticipation of the first, self-titled, album to be released this summer, they offer their first 6-track EP ‘Einn’ as a free download. Find it on SoundCloud.

Or, if you prefer, get it from their weblog at
This weblog also contains some fascinating videos to go with the sound…(of which “The Middle” is my absolute favourite!).

The 6 tracks (18 minutes) on Einn contain an interesting mix of environmental sounds, synth pads and gamelan-like gong sounds and patterns.

Cliff Child offers a different sound, with the sort of atmosphere exclusive to Icelandic music: strange, yet ultimately comforting.

Grab this free EP as an appetizer for Cliff Child’s forthcoming full album!
The Middle:

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