Thieves of Zozo – Never Knows Best


If you check their website, the about page states “haygurlhaygyrl wuddup wuddup/Bah-bah-bah, bah-bah baranne“.
Thieves of Zozo obviously are not yet fully ready yet to present their debut album “Never Knows Best” in full.
Luckily, their myspace page has a bit more info.

Thieves of Zozo is a (rather strange-sounding) alias for Tiger de La Vega creating the sounds, and Abampere creating the visuals to accompany them.
(Note: I obviously misinterpreted the description on the Myspace page…see Abampere’s comment below)

The music on “Never Knows Best” is essentially quite “Lo-Fi”, and sometimes seem to lack a bit of production detail.  But on the other hand, the electronics have a strange and original gritty twist to it, distinguishing it from a lot of the standard ambient music format.
Thieves of Zozo defy definition, and that is exactly what appeals to me.

And, hey, for the amount of $ 5.50 you can’t go very wrong either! 🙂

Thieves of Zozo’s “Never Knows Best” is available through the Zoomlens label.

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One Comment

  1. Abampere

    If i could clarify on one misprint here, what we meant by “tiger de la vega makes noise, abampere paints a picture with it” is that Tiger sends Abampere an original mixdown of all of the tracks, and Abampere remixes/re-edits and ultimately adds to them. It’s a collaborative musical effort betwixt the both of us. Forgive me for not making that clear. Thank you, we love you.