Sonic Acts XIII – The Poetics of Space


If you’re in or maybe even anywhere near Holland (Amsterdam) between february 25 and 28, you definitely should not miss Sonic Acts  XII – “Spatial Explorations in Art, Science, Music and Technology.

This bi-annual festival must be one of Holland’s most important event in experimental electronic music. But not ‘just’ music: the multimedia event also presents expositions, installations, conferences, sound walks, and of course a lot of other immersive aural experiences.

“The festival consists of numerous live performances, an international conference, an extensive film programme and an exhibition, complimented by a publication. Each edition has a specific topic. Over the years, Sonic Acts has become internationally renown as an exceptional festival for technology art with specific attention for aesthetics and research into interactivity, new forms for presentation and interfaces, interdisciplinary projects and exploring new alliances between different disciplines.”

“Sonic Acts The Poetics of Space is entirely dedicated to the exploration of space in performative and audiovisual art, film, music and architecture. It examines the importance of physical space in times of far-reaching technological developments, and the physical and psychological impact of spatial designs.
The programme comprises four densely filled days and nights and will provide an extensive overview of recent works and experiments – spatial audio compositions, audiovisual installations and performances – and includes relevant historical examples and utopian ideals and dreams from the twentieth century.”

As you may guess from this introduction quote, we’re talking Major ART here.
But in fact also the music section in itself is impressive enough to justify attending the festival.

Some of the acts I’m looking forward to attend, for example: Thomas Köner, Monolake (in this case consisting of Robert Henke and Tarik Barri), Naut Humon, The Acoustic Spaces Event featuring Barry Truax, Jacob KirkegaardHildegard Westerkamp, Annea Lockwood, Éric La Casa, BJ Nilsen, and the Beyond Space event – a tribute to Maryanne Amacher taking place in the Artis Zoo Planetarium – featuring Francisco López.

And that is just a very small selection of all things happening.

Interested too?
Check the Sonic Acts website for all program details and background information.

And to get you going, here’s a short video trailer to blow your mind..

See you there!

Sonic Acts Trailer

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