Language of Landscape – Memories Fade

Language of Landscape

For those of you that like their minimal ambient backgrounds combined with piano music (like Helios/Goldmund, Max Richter or Nest) this is a great gift: the 45 minute album “Memories Fade Under a Shallow Autumn Snow” by Language of Landscapes is saved from oblivion and now offered as free (!) download by the Phantom Channel label.

The three tracks presented here were originally created for a five-part monthly 3″ CD series, which started july, 2009. Each release was limited to 5 (FIVE) copies only – needless to say they were quickly sold out.

After completing the three tracks presented here (every track about 15 minutes), the series was discontinued due to ‘various pressures, including time restrictions’.

So this almost left this beautiful music completely unheard…
‘Less is more’, especially in this kind of music, but taking that credo to a release policy like this might prove a few steps too far…

But lucky for all those who missed it, it was the intention to release it as a free digital download after the project completed. And now here it is for everyone to hear!

Language of Landscapes are Chris Tenz and Cory Zaradur (aka Chris & Cory).
They have plans for solo projects and for future collaborations…so remember their names!

Memories Fade Under a Shallow Autum Snow can be downloaded from various places, including bandcamp,  or
It’s best to start there, so you can also check the other releases Phantom Channel has to offer.

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