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If you have listened to previous mixes on this weblog, you may have grown accustomed to the kind of format that they share. This one has a different approach.

I noticed that a lot of people are unfamiliar with ambient music, but still get exposed to it more than ever: in movie soundtracks, and even more: when playing games. It may not be recognised as ‘music’ at all, but more as sounds to create/enhance an environment – but still: that’s what ambient music is about, isn’t it?

When The Chronicles of Spellborn was released early 2009, I decided to create a special mix from a selection of the sound and music that comes with it.

Spellborn Logo

The Chronicles of Spellborn‘s musical soundtrack was created by Jesper Kyd, while the ambient/environmental sounds were created by dutch ambient music artist Matthew Florianz.  

“Whereas Time is the leading element in movies, it’s Location in games. That’s why these media are so fundamentally different. Sound design in games means creating landscapes, surroundings, atmospheres and the movement within it. In games, the player decides where to move next, thus creating their own mix” (Florianz)

Unfortunately, after it’s release, Spellborn ‘slipped through the cracks’, as it did not get the attention it deserved, in spite of critical acclaim. It is now under redevelopment, and while it is, the current version is available to download and play for free.

This mix is intended for gamers ánd non-gamers to listen to the music without the game context. I’ve chosen parts and samples from the soundtrack (which is over 20 hours of immersive sounds!) without relation to the gameplay and story development.

I don’t know what the future may bring regarding this online game, but The Chronicles of Spellborn deserves to be remembered for its great soundtrack!

This mix was created in february 2009.

Please note that this is part 1 of a 2-part mix. Part 2 can be found [here].



  1. Chelicerata
  2. Spellborn Intro English (voice: Anna Drijver)
  3. Parliament – Gravesbow
  4. Character Creation
  5. Tutorial Intro (voice: Anna Drijver)
  6. Atheneum – Largeroom
  7. Lullabye (Music Credits)
  8. Mount of Heroes – Night Research
  9. Tomb of the Ancestors – Burial Grounds
  10. Slywood – Bealemeadow
  11. Dungeon Entrance
  12. Arena – Inside
  13. Arena – Inside Low
  14. Arena – Inside Lower
  15. Ringfell – Shorathmesa
  16. Ringfell – Shorathmesa – Shrine of Currents
  17. Ringfell – Night – Shorathmesa Marsh
  18. Slywood Tavern Ambience
  19. Tavern – Drowning Maiden
  20. Tavern – The Gleaming Cauldron
  21. Parliament Tunnel Suspence
  22. Parliament Tunnels
  23. Mount of Heroes – Howlers
  24. Ringfell  – Smokespires
  25. Tavern – Drowning Maiden
  26. Ringfell – Day Shorathmesa Forest
  27. Ringfell – Lower Exploration Music
  28. Exarchyon – Shardship Explodes
  29. Trialcace lvl 50 – Rune
  30. Exarchyon – Cutscene
  31. Parliament – House Shroud
  32. Slywood
  33. Tavern
  34. Tavern – The Grim Lie
  35. Tavern – Traiter’s Rest
  36. Mount of Heroes – Research Day
  37. Deadspell Storm Music
  38. Tutorial Strange (voice: Anna Drijver)
  39. Music Menu: The Chronicles of Spellborn
  40. Quarterstone – Graveyard Night No Music
  41. Slywood – Graveyard

Music by Jesper Kyd
Ambient atmospheric soundscapes by Matthew Florianz


Download Sounds of Spellborn Now 89Mb (59 min.)

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