The Hum in the Room (mix)


“The Hum in the Room” the final part of the three-part mix dedicated to … the hum in your room!

The buzz that you suddenly notice, that appears to have been there forever but unnoticed – until this moment.
The sound that will be there forever from now.
The hum that appears to come from the inside of your head, and that keeps changing when you turn your head or walk through the room.
The noise that can irritate as well as fascinate.

Or, to quote John Cage from a 1937 lecture: “Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating. The sound of a truck at 50 m.p.h. Static between the stations. Rain. We want to capture and control these sounds, to use them, not as sound effects, but as musical instruments.

The other parts of this ‘trilogy’ (created in 2005) are “The Mantra of Walls and Wiring” and “Acoustical Illusions” (both posted earlier). Together, these three mixes are the most ‘minimal’ but in my opinion also the most intense ones I created. The title is of course also from the Philip Glass/Paul Simon song featured in the beginning of “Mantra of Walls and Wiring

Hum Sequence


    • Ryoji Ikeda – Matrix (for Rooms)
      Matrix , 2001, Touch TO:44
    • Ryoji Ikeda – 1011111111
      Matrix , 2001, Touch TO:44
    • Akira Rabelais – Notturno (2)
      Eisotrophobia, 2001, Ritornell
    • Brannan Lane – Zone One
      Hypnotic Drift, 2003, Sampler CD
    • Disinformation – National Grid
      New Forms, Contemporary Electronic Music in the Context of Art, 2000, Galerie Fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst Leipzig
    • Robert Henke – Signal to Noise 1
      Signal to noise, 2004, Kompakt ICM 05
    • Alp – Fax Machine – Toilet Plumbing
      At home with Alp, 1999, Soleilmoon 01863
    • Tamia / Pierre Favre – Solitude
      Solitudes, 1992, ECM 1442
    • Brannan Lane – Mesosphere (part 1)
      Troposphere, soundtrack for your head, 2000, World Circle Records, WCD804CD
    • Oöphoi – Cydron
      The dreaming of Shells, 2003, Mystery Sea
    • Albrecht Kunze – Motion Control
      Maschinelle Strategeme, 2000, Ritornell, RIT010
    • Biosphere – Modifié
      Autour de La Lune, 2004, Touch TO:62
    • Edgar Varese – Poem Electronique
      Ohm, the Electric Gurus of Electronic Music 2000, Ellipsis CD3270
    • Joyi Yuasa – Projection Esemplastic for White Noise
      Ohm, the Electric Gurus of Electronic Music 2000, Ellipsis CD3270
    • Alp – Disk Drive Kettle Washing Machine
      At home with Alp, 1999, Soleilmoon 01863
    • Matthew Florianz – Erik + Matthew -1
    • Michel Redolfi – Desert Tracks – Mojave Desert
      Desert tracks, 1988, Ina GRM, INA_C 1005
    • E-Hum 1 – private collection
    • Arvo Pärt – Solfeggio
      De Profundis, 1997, Harmonia Mundi, HMU 907182
    • David Shea – Elegy
      The Tower of Mirrors, 1996 Sub Rosa SR94
    • Food Mixer – private collection
    • Alan Howarth – Sailing Ships Creaks
      Real Hollywood Sound Effects, 1997, Gnp crescendo 8054
    • Thomas Köner – Tu, Sempre
      Zyklop, 2003, Mille Plateaux MP118
    • Thomas Köner – Les Soeurs Lumiere
      Unerforschtes Gebiet, 2003, Die Stadt, DS56
    • Alan Howarth – Ships Interior
       Real Hollywood Sound Effects, 1997, Gnp crescendo 8054
    • Thomas Köner – Nuuk (Night)
      Nuuk, 1997-2004 Mille Plateaux Media MPM 03
    • Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft – Voices
      Out Here in there, 2002 Jazzland 017 368-2 
    • Cas de Marez – Sens (fragment)
      PEMCD, unreleased
    • Matthew Florianz – Elementen
      unreleased, 2003
    • Biosphere – Thermal Motion
      Shenzhou, 2002, Touch TO:55
    • Pauline Oliveros, Panaiotis, Dempster – Ione
      Deep Listening, 1989, New Albion, NA 022
    • Tetsu Inoue – Magnetic Field
      Ambiant Otaku, 1994, Fax, PS08/43
    • David Kwan – +/- IV
      Storm of Drones, 1996, Asphodel 966
    • Tibor Szemzo – Tractatus
      Tractatus, 1991 – 1995, 1995, LeoRecords LR 227
    • Moljebka Pvlse – Jiken
      Evolved as One, a collection of Emotional Ambient-Drones, 2003, Evolved as One, EVOL 01
    • Sleep Research Facility – Back to the Egg
      Dead Weather Machine – re:Heat, 2004, manifold MANCD043
    • Kettel – Electrician and Adventurer
      Volleyed Iron, 2004, U Cover, 018
    • Thomas Gerwin – Air
      Wattenmeer Suite, 1996, IAP 011
    • Quiet American – Night
      web download

Note: You may notice some artefacts in the first minutes of this mix, due to the extreme frequencies from Ryoji Ikeda’s music not translating to the MP3 format very well.

Download The Hum In The Room Now 93Mb (60 min.)

[Surround-version (DTS.Wav) here]


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  1. Ambient_Landscape (via Mixcloud)

    I’ve had this mix for years – forget where I downloaded it from now, Peter – but my next mix post will feature an excerpt from it.

  2. petrus!
    fijne mix hoor, het beschrijft mooi mijn huidige stemming, dat is een onderhuidse spanning vanwege het conflicterende element tussen ons klimaat en mijn oogst. Zal ik mijn vruchten kunnen binnenhalen voordat de schimmel de overhand neemt in deze regenachtige periode?
    Anyway, mag ik ‘m doorlinken vanaf de lock it down?

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