Tomasz Bednarczyk – Summer Feelings

Summer Feelings

When listening to the music on this CD, it’s hard to imagine that the creator, 22-year old Tomasz Bednarczyk from Poland, wasn’t born yet when Brian Eno and Harold Budd created their genre-defining work in the first half of the eighties.

The crackling surface-noise sounds familiar to a lot of recordings nowadays, but was unknown then (or rather: unwanted, because it usually meant a very bad vinyl copy).
But the atmospheric soft-sounding piano immediately invokes the same dreamy atmosphere as the music on The Plateaux of Mirror and The Pearl.

Room40 recognised Tomasz’ talent and picked up his first full length album ‘Summer Feeling’ to make it available through digital distribution (like iTunes, eMusic, Boomkat). Definitely worth the download
A new full length CD called ‘Painting Sky Together’ will be released this month (may).

Sounds like this is going to be a good summer!

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