Pocka – Uhrwerk

Pocka - Uhrwerk

Good news for those of you that are fascinated by the current Buddha Machine hype (like me) : there’s a free download available of the album Uhrwerk by Pocka here.
It may not be as layered as Robert Henke’s ‘Layering Buddha’, but the sound of these Buddha Machine interpretations is very comfortable and authentic.
The recognisable Buddha Machine loops are enhanced by subtle bass guitar, piano, guitar pedals and software effects.

So if this is the first Kurzwellen (netlabel) release, it sets a high standard!
I regret that this netlabel release came too late to my attention to add it to the forthcoming Buddha Machine Special on NPS Folio: Feb 06 2007.
But never mind: just download this album, enjoy and express your gratitude to the artist!

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  1. oneyoudontknow

    Does anyone know the origin of Pocka? Their label’s site is dead as is the one of the band … I am working on a review on Pocka’s Uhrwerk, but want to include the basic information.