Whitney Music Box

Whitney Music Box

Krazydad‘ Jim Bumgardner created quite a few amazing projects (involving Flickr photographs, for example, such as a caleidoscopic screensaver based on flickr photos).
This particular one is based on the musical theories of John Whitney, as described in his book “Digital Harmony”. While the theory may be for diehards only, most people will simply just enjoy the harmonic aesthetics. Play and enjoy!!

Addition 27-06-06:
Jim also has created a beautiful variation on the Whitney Music Box: it’s called Wheel Music.
After you have enjoyed that, read about it in his weblog.

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  1. WOW! Just got a quick lesson in music mathematics here! From just clicking the links I now know that:
    1) I like reversed sounds
    2) I don’t like organ sounds
    3) I’m not too fond of too many notes in a bar
    4) I’m all for microtones in one octave
    5) I’m not at all interested in the info behind this great feature, which is odd since i’ve apparantly learned a whole lot in 10 minutes or so…
    o yee of little faith….I know….Oh me of little patience…