Mantra of Walls and Wiring

Mantra of Walls and Wiring
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“Mantra of Walls and Wiring” is the first of a set of three one hour mixes created in 2005. The other two are “The Hum in the Room” and “Acoustical Illusion” (will follow later). As you can read from the titles, these mixes thematically deal with the sound you can hear in your living environment; the ‘everyday hum’ surrounding you. I got inspired for this theme when I listened to a slowly fading ambient-cd…and finally realised the cd had already stopped for quite a while and I was obviously listening to (and enjoying) the hum of my own refrigerator! Since then the household environmental sounds do not disturb me anymore…they became part of the music I’m playing. Starting point of these programs is the text Paul Simon wrote for Philip Glass’s ‘Changing Opinion’ (‘Songs from Liquid Days’), featured here in an extremely ‘deconstructed’ version (full text below). Compared to the previous mixes these mixes are less accessible for listeners not used to ‘ambient drone music’. These are the most ‘minimal’ mixes, containing some very strange combinations: the David Darling recording with the Wulu Bunun for example (which may give the feeling you are lifted into the sky) flowing into the sound of eternal rest of Eliane Radigue, followed by Herbert’s sound of home-cooking bringing you back to your own private home. As in all mixes, there are some dark and tense parts. This is not meant to be ‘new age happiness’ at all. But in fact its serene timelessness never fails to amaze me. — originally published on Ambientblog —


  • Philips Cellulite Remover
    – private collection
  • Evil Jon – fc4004
    – Wein, Weib und Gesang, 2004, Kikapu KPU 072
  • Philip Glass – Changing Opinion (deconstructed)
    – Music from Liquid Days, 1986, CBS DIDC 10217
  • Stephen Phillips – Drone 2
    Drone Download Project 2003
  • Scanner – Spyder
    – X-Rated, the Electronic Files, 2002, Boudisque BOU 8
  • Sleep Research Facility – Nostromo – A Deck
    – Nostromo, 2001, Cold Spring csr34cd
  • Alp Fridge – Freezer
    – At home with Alp, 1999, Soleilmoon 01863
  • Igneous Flame – Cyclical
    unreleased, 2004
  • Arve Henriksen – Breathing
    – Sakuteiki, 2001, Rune Grammofon 2021
  • Alan Howarth – Sailing Ship Creaks
    – Real Hollywood Sound Effects, 1997, GNP crescendo 8054
  • Annette van de Gorne – Terre
    – Storm of Drones, 1996, Asphodel 966
  • Christopher Hobbs – McGrimmon will never return
    – Ensemble Pieces, 1975, Obscure OBS2
  • Austere – Whainer
    Drone Download Project 2003
  • Stars of the Lid – Down 3
    – The Tired Sounds of, 2001, Kranky KRANK 050
  • Alvin Lucier – Music on a long thin wire
    – Ohm, the Electric Gurus of Electronic Music 2000, Ellipsis CD3270
  • Darrin Verhagen – As X-rays
    – Black Frost, 2004, Dorobo 020
  • Rumble, low frequency
    – private collection
  • Arno Peeters – The Clothing Room Sphere
    – private collection
  • Arno Peeters – Shaftsphere
    – private collection
  • Sleep Research Facility – Dead Weather Machine
    – Dead Weather Machine, 2004, manifold MANCD042
  • Johann Johannson – Virgulegu Forsetar, second movement
    – Virgulegu Forsetar, 2004, Touch TO:64
  • Richard Bone – Stillness Repeating
    – Ambienism, 2004, Spiralight Recordings
  • Grandma’s Fussbuster – How Dry I Am / Rub-a-dub-dub, I can’t believe it’s a tub
    – Grandma’s Fussbuster, CDBABY, 1996
  • Boyd Rice (Non) – Extract 12
    – Terra Incognita, 2004, Mute Records 9256
  • David Darling & the Wulu Bunun – Pasibutbut (Prayer for a rich millet harvest)
    – Mudanin Kata, 2004, Riverboat, TUGCD 1032
  • Eliane Radigue – Kailasha
    – Trilogie de la Mort, 1998, XI records, XI 119
  • Herbert – In the Kitchen
    – Around the House, 2002, !K7, !K7105CD
  • Alp – Microwave Oven / Electric Oven / Pan of Boiling Water
    – At home with Alp, 1999, Soleilmoon 01863
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