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Kilometre Club


Kilometre Club (Daniel Field from Toronto) is a relatively new name in the ambient music field: he has created music under this name since 2020. Let Us Compare Geographies is his fifth album.
The title refers to Leonard Cohen’s first book of poetry published in 1956: Let Us Compare Mythologies.
(‘Do not look for him in brittle mountain streams: they are too cold for any god’…).

But here, each track’s title refers to one of many small towns in Canada – ‘towns that [Field] has visited, or the hometowns of families and friends’.
With guitar loops, Bass VI swells and synth pads, Kilometre Club creates ten tracks that ‘unfold at glacial paces, highlighting the vastness between chord changes and the ways in which these songs evolve and fill out frequencies to create lush soundscapes’.

But here, ‘glacial’ does not refer to ‘cold’ or ‘dark’: the music on Let Us Compare Geographies is ‘hopeful and optimistic, finding the tones and melodies that link us as people together no matter the kilometres of separation’.

Sleep Abum


I must have fallen asleep for quite some time: this album was already released on March 1 this year. But it’s never too late to recommend an album, especially when it is a digital-only release so not sold out yet.

According to the label (Wayfarer Records), this is Brannan Lane‘s 30th release since his debut in 1998. Due to his steady output, he can be regarded as a veteran of the ambient (or new age) scene. Apart from releasing his music he also works on assignments for various television stations and for Sony Play Station.

The Sleep Album has no other pretensions than being just that: ‘giving listeners a sonic experience to encourage rest and relaxation while taking the listener on a beautiful sonic journey’.
Ten tracks in 38 minutes, all referring to the kind of restful moments you can have during the day: Slumber, Snooze Button, Tranquil, Daydreamer, etcetera. The lighter kind of sleep – because in ‘deep sleep’ you probably wouldn’t hear the music anymore.
Recommended music for during your energy-refreshing power nap!

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