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Joseph Aleo started his SoundWave podcast series as a way of “coping with the stress and isolation of life under COVID-19”:

“Ambient, classical, experimental and instrumental music was the only thing that was speaking the truth of my new life whereas pop music, tv shows, and movies seemed particularly vapid.”

The (weekly) podcast series has seen 52 editions until now, featuring many known and unknown contributors. Among the more familiar names, you’ll find Robert Rich, Dronny Darko, DJ Food, ProtoU, OfftheSky, Less Bells, Rhucle, and (last week) Robin ‘Scanner’ Rimbaud.
It’s my ‘honour’ to open the second year of this series with my contribution. We can of course only hope that the series will continue for musical reasons, and not because of the pandemic.

Clicking through the list of contributions you’ll find that most of them are what I call ‘mixtape-style’ compilations: a ‘head-tail’-mix of (full) tracks. Traditionally, my (Ambientblog) mixes are different (which does not mean necessarily ‘better’, by the way) in that they incorporate many sampled parts of tracks (a full-length track is either an exception or a very short track itself), mixed in a layered collage-style. I always try to shuffle the fragments of the collage in a way that they seem to melt together and thus start telling a different story.
Whether this is successful or not can only be determined by the listener.

SoundWave - Mix Sequence

This mix is simply named after the podcast itself: SoundWave. It is a happy coincidence that it literally starts with ‘waves’ – sonically manipulated by Jos Smolders – and ends with the same waves morphing into the sound of a cheering crowd.

Different kinds of soundwaves are all around us, every moment. Sometimes we’re aware, most of the time we are not. This mix (hopefully) shows that it can be rewarding to take a moment’s rest to really listen and let the sounds affect you.

Thanks to Joseph Aleo for inviting me!

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Start time Sample length Artist – Title
Album Title, Year, Label

  • 00:00 02:41 Jos Smolders – Plate 7
    Submerge – Emerge, 2021, Crónica
  • 00:45 02:06 Mia Zabelka & IcosTech – The Final Stop
    Aftershock, 2021, Subcontinental Records
  • 02:18 02:47 Robert Scott Thompson – Still The Syllables Of Water Whisper
    Escapology, 2021, Somewhere Cold Records
  • 04:40 02:57 Charley van Veldhoven & Túrion – Hemellichaam IV (Henrik Meierkord Recycle)
    Sustain Series, Vol. 1, 2020, Ambientologist
  • 07:00 02:08 FM Einheit & Susie Green – Joyful Pleasure
    Exhibition Of A Dream, 2021, Cold Spring
  • 07:30 04:04 Joey Largent – Below Diorite Waters
    Below Diorite Waters, 2021, Dragon’s Eye Recordings
  • 10:07 03:21 Barbara Ellison – De Auflaan de Pussychat
    Cybersongs, 2021, Unsounds
  • 12:21 04:45 Jana Winderen – The Listener
    The Listener, 2016, Ash International
  • 15:38 03:22 Grace Ferguson – Barnumbirr
    Voler, 2020, Music Company
  • 18:27 02:47 C-Drik – An Imaginary Place Inhabited By Those Who Are Asleep
    To Yemen With Love, 2020, Not on label
  • 19:16 02:14 James Osland & Finn Kelvin – Things That Have Form Will Always Disappear
    Don’t Worry, I’m With You, 2021, Whitelabrecs
  • 21:02 01:16 Daniel Thomas Freeman – Crawling Out Of The Void
    The Silence After Life, 2020, self-released
  • 21:37 01:34 William Basinski – For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Lamentations, 2020, Temporary Residence Ltd.
  • 22:33 02:56 Morgen Würde – Mittsommer
    Pop Ambient 2021, 2021, Kompakt
  • 24:28 01:16 Biosphere – Stordjupta
    The Senja Recordings, 2019, Biophon Records
  • 25:10 02:46 Randal Collier-Ford – Eyes Of The Temple (feat. Northumbria)
    Advent, 2020, Cryo Chamber
  • 27:25 03:00 Merope – Alma
    Salos, 2021, Granvat
  • 29:41 02:34 Space Whisper – Park Date
    Presence, 2021, Amity Recordings
  • 31:13 03:44 Innesti – Dark Describes An Arc
    Parenthetical, 2020, self-released
  • 34:17 01:01 Joost Lijbaart – Twinkling Night
    Free, 2020, Challenge Records
  • 34:32 02:50 Pinkcourtesyphone – Another Interior
    Leaving Everything To Be Desired, 2020, room40
  • 36:13 01:42 F5Point6 – Natural Selection
    Shade Rather Than Light Anthology One, 2021, See Blue Audio
  • 37:33 03:54 Andrew Heath – I Sleep Above The Forest
    A Trace Of Phosphor, 2020, Disco Gecko
  • 40:04 03:48 Lustmord – Journey Of The Dead Man
    Trinity, 2020, self-released
  • 42:26 03:09 Bow Quintet feat. Aidan Baker – Bryanbaum Variation
    String Layers, 2020, 7K!
  • 44:40 02:30 Aase Frejadóttir – Saying It
    Music For Drifting, 2020, Editions Verde
  • 47:10 02:10 James Rushford – Musica Callada, Book I – Angelico
    Musica Callada / See The Welkter, 2020, Unseen Worlds
  • 48:51 02:03 Nick Luscombe – Tokyo Spring Birdsong
    Fieldwave Vol. 1, 2020, Nonclassical
  • 49:52 01:39 Akropolis Reed Quintet – Homage To Paradise Valley – I. Ghosts Of Black Bot
    Ghost Light, 2021, New Focus Recordings
  • 51:01 01:25 Kate Carr – I Spotted Some Backyard Dancing
    Overheard In Doi Saket, 2014, 3Leaves
  • 51:43 02:06 Olivier Alary – Khaltoum
    Fiction / Non-Fiction, 2016, 130701
  • 53:23 03:31 Kazuya Nagaya – the Book Of Sunken Memory
    Dream interpretation, 2020, !K7 Records
  • 56:01 02:12 Jos Smolders – Plate 5
    Submerge – Emerge, 2021, Crónica
  • 57:00 02:50 A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Every Solstice & Equinox
    Invisible Cities / Le Città Invisibili, 2021, Artificial Pine Arch Manufacturing
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  1. “Mix is not the word for what Peter does on today’s show.
    It’s more accurate to say that Peter composed a concept album masterfully weaved from a multitude of sampled material. Take a look at the “playlist” to get an idea of the scope of today’s show. It’s a work of art you get to immerse yourself in for the next hour.
    Peter’s mix, like all of his Ambientblog shows, is an experience.”
    [Joseph Aleo’s introduction on SoundWave]