Multicast Dynamics * Halftribe

Lost World


Lost World is Samuel ‘Multicast Dynamics’ van Dijk‘s sixth album, the fifth for Denovali Records, not counting his releases as Mohlao and VC-118A.
Van Dijk continues the journey of his previous albums with a mysterious set of fifteen tracks that ‘set out to remove you from reality and sink you deep into his Lost World, where all humans have left, but why?’

There’s a strong sci-fi atmosphere in these soundscapes, somewhat desolate but with a fascinating beauty too.
“It is music that fits perfectly with our visual world in the way the artist places sounds in specific places in the sonic field. You are the central character as the action moves, pans and unfolds around you in a 360-degree spatial field rather than on a linear plane.”

The previous albums (Continental Ruins, Outer Envelopes, Scandinavia and Aquatic System) were presented as a four-part set. But Lost World seamlessly continues the stories with its ‘sonic poetry: expressive and beautiful, yet open to wide interpretation and always rather mysterious’

Backwater Revisited


Compared to the Lost World album above, Halftribe’s Backwater Revisited feels earthly, organic. The difference is immediately clear from the cover images of both albums.
But Backwater Revisited also describes unknown territories, although maybe closer to home, and maybe somewhat more melancholic. And with a different instrumentation.

Halftribe is UK-based artist Ryan Bissett. This is his fourth album since 2016, his second for the Dronarivm label.

The ‘revisited’ does not mean these are reworked compositions (at least not as far as I know), but refers to returning back to an environment half-remembered. To find out is it still as beautiful as it was in your memory…

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