Dream Scenes Bratislava

On June 29, 2019, an Ambient Sleepover Festival was presented in Bratislava, Slovakia. The festival started at 21:00 and ended at 08:00 – an eleven-hour night featuring eleven acts performing for an audience that was either listening, drowsing or sleeping to their music.

The name of this festival was Dream Scenes Bratislava. And yes: it took its name from the DreamScenes mix series presented here and on Dutch radio Concertzender Nederland.
I feel greatly honoured with that, and with even more pride I present this DreamScenes special presenting a selection of music from this festival!

Dream Scenes Bratislava (photo by Boris Vitázek)

The festival was curated by Lukáš Bulko (Alapastel) and Lukáš Medlen (Charon) and included performances by Chaosdroid, Whithe, Alapastel, Casi Cada Minuto, Phragments, Prvočísla, 16 Colours, Strom Noir, Vrtačky Po Desáté Hodině, Meltingeyes and Charon.
For those not too familiar with the Slovakian ambient/experimental music scene, I assume that only Strom Noir and Alapastel are slightly familiar. So here’s a great chance to get to know some of the unknown – demonstrating that ambient music knows no borders.


It’s impossible to summarize eleven hours of performances in a one hour mix. It’s a short selection of fragments of the performances, even a fairly random one, and not in the same order as the performances. And not all of the performers are included, for various reasons (one being that the person recording fell asleep during the performance 🙂 ).
But still, I think it captures the atmosphere of the night very well. The only thing missing is the breakfast in the early morning to conclude a night well spent!

Casi Cada Minuto
Casi Cada Minuto

Performance fragments:

Thanks to Lukáš Bulko, Lukáš Medlen, Alica Danielová, Gabriela Bezáková, Oto Macka and all the Dream Scenes Bratislava artists.

Play this edition on-demand from the Concertzender website.


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