DreamScenes 2015-01

The fourth of the monthly DreamScenes broadcasts, with some great tracks from new and forthcoming releases.
(Full playlist details published below).

The end of 2014 saw the release of many (and I mean many) spectacular albums, of which you’ll find only a selection here.
Some familiar names matched with some lesser known artists…some organic sounds, field recordings, Terje Isungset’s glass percussion (wíth Arve Henriksen), trumpets, pianos, and – of course – some stretched drones…

Enjoy this january issue – and let’s hope it’s the start of a beautiful and musical year!

As stated with the december issue, the DreamScenes ‘broadcasts’ will only be published on MIXCLOUD from now.
Although I like the idea of broadcasting ‘live’ to some extent – and I definitely like the Mixlr interface and possibilities, I think there is not enough ‘added value’ to the ‘live’ interaction, since most listeners will enjoy listening to this kind of music at the moment that suits them best. And that is not strictly limited to 9pm, of course – not even mentioning the possible timezone differences.
So obviously the possibility to stream ‘on demand’ from MIXCLOUD (and Ambientblog) is the best option for most listeners. If you like to comment you can do so here or on the Mixcloud page!


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