Bad Sector – Kosmodrom


An expert in computer music with a Computer Science degree,  Massimo Magrini (from Tuscany, Italy) has been releasing music as Bad Sector for twenty years now (since his first cassette release in 1994), but his musical career is in fact much longer.
Bad Sector is “trying to discover dark sonic areas and focusing his attention on the melting point between ambient, experimental, noise and minimal music’.  

Kosmodrom” was originally released in 2005 but sold out within a few months. It is dedicated to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Russian pioneer of astronautic theory) and shows this dedication by including original Soviet sound devices (like the Aelita synthesizer and the electro-optical ANS), mixed with space mission dialogues and fragments from transmissions of the mysterious spy channel (‘numbers’) radio stations.

Pairing this to a crystal clear electronic sound – sometimes reminiscent of the sounds of Kraftwerk or Monolake yet with Bad Sector‘s very own style – the result is futuristic ánd ‘retro’ at the same time. There are beat-driven track, deep ambient drones, abstract cinematic soundscapes – and most of all clever combinations of all of these.

The original 10-track album was expanded with a 5 track EP. This re-release adds another 5 tracks which extends Kosmodrom” to a full length (92 minute) 2-CD album.

Dedicated to all Soviet/Russian cosmonauts – and also recommended to all wannabe astronauts that enjoy drifting away into outer space (while not leaving home)!

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