Frond – The Second Continent

Esc.Rec is a dutch label that specialises in experimental music that is  not only unpredictable but also always surprising, because it’s hard to pinpoint their style. But whatever it may be called it is always music ‘with a twist’, available in beautifully designed packaging.

Frond‘s “The Second Continent” is the labels 45th release: a limited (50) edition cassette tape, with beautiful artwork by Holger Lippmann.
The cassette (first cassette tape on the label, by the way) will probably be on the verge of being sold out by now, but besides the cassette (the first cassette on Esc.Rec), there’s also the digital release from Bandcamp and iTunes, as well as the streaming versions on Spotify, Deezer, Google Play.

Frond is Richard Bultitude, who has been producing music ever since he was a teenager and has previously released over 3 albums and 14 EP’s as Point B.
The Second Continent” is an album full of magical realism. The eleven tracks on this album are quite different from each other, yet they all share a strange dreamlike atmosphere, “blending gentle acoustics, intense electronics and field recordings… a personal journey through a landscape of forgotten melodies and vivid textures”.

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